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Master Plan

Updated 2010

The Routt County Fairgrounds is an historical resource that has been growing and progressing for over a century (first Fair held in 1914). As host to numerous agricultural and community festivities, continued development of the Master Plan and Vision is essential to the continued success of this legacy.

As needs continue to evolve, so does the vision for the Fairgrounds. This Master Plan addresses immediate and five-year goals as determined by the community, Fair Advisory Board and Routt County Commissioners in conjunction with Mountain Architecture Design Group. An overarching goal of this plan is to provide multi-use indoor and outdoor spaces with a common, inviting theme; while encouraging diverse year-round use of all facilities. Opportunity for increased revenue generation within certain facilities may expedite the realization and success of certain projects.

The intention of this Master Plan is to devise a plan for realistic improvements to this local resource that will benefit an array of users and have a positive impact on the community. The "plan" is a compilation of critical thinking resulting in welcoming park settings for people to gather and celebrate, improved circulation and connectivity, and pragmatic structures which are harmonious with their surroundings.

Priorities Status Update as of 01/01/20

1.Restroom/Shower facilities available for year-round use.
Completed in 2012 with GOCO grant. Winner of a Starburst Award (excellent use of GOCO funds). Grandstand restrooms/showers need valuated. Only open during fair, showers are permanently closed as of 2018.

2.Additional livestock housing with wash racks (to include horses, large and small animals).
This project is the most expensive priority and funding is not currently available.

3.Revamp circulation patterns throughout County-owned fairgrounds property (to include traffic, pedestrians, participants, parking, Dry Creek, and water).
Partially complete on west side with installation of west pedestrian bridge with GOCO grant.

4.Complete RV hook-up sites (to include electricity, water and sewer).
Completed in 2017 with GOCO grant funds.

5.Upgrade/update the sound system to create a unified system throughout the grounds and buildings.
Completed in 2014 with funding from Routt County.

6.Storage for fair supplies, equipment and panels.
Partially complete with a box car and conex box (both donated) for outdoor storage items and two storage rooms built in the Exhibition Hall funded by the Routt County Fair Cookbook Committee and Mike Bell Construction. Need more storage for exhibit hall janitorial supplies, equipment, but there is no room.

7.Reconfigure the livestock handling areas (to include the crow’s nest and addition of a warm up arena).
Completed in 2014 with minimal Routt County funding, re-purposing of current supplies and significant volunteer help.

8.Add/upgrade recreational amenities and landscaping.
Sand volleyball court completed in 2019 with GOCO funding. Landscaping started in RV Park in 2019. This will be a continual process as funding is available.

9. Add a lift-station.
This is to give us the ability to add restroom facilities on the east side of the multi-purpose building. In late 2017 discussions with the Town of Hayden began. 2018 completed design for new restroom facility near the multi-purpose building with funding assistance from AGNC grant. This is a top priority when funding becomes available. A lift-station is still necessary.

10. Classroom/training facility and office.
Not currently working on this priority.

11. Alternative energy conversion.
Not currently working on this priority. Initial thoughts were solar for the Exhibit Hall.

12.Digital marquée sign on Poplar Street.
Not currently working on this priority.

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