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Reasons to Love the Routt County Fair

  • The Routt County Fair continues to keep the history of Routt County alive and teaches kids the importance of agriculture, heritage and working together as a community.
  • The Fair has things and events that all of our citizens can enjoy for free or a minimal fee. That alone makes the Fair very appealing to all of our residents.
  • We love the Fair because agricultural and nonagricultural communities meet, equal parts carnival, encampment, family reunion, homecoming day, fish fry and block party.
  • It is not about the color of the ribbon you win or the words on the buckle; it's about having pride in your own success.
  • The Routt County Fair has been something that I have looked forward to every year since I was little. It has shaped me into the leader and person that I am today.
  • The Routt County Fair is steely grit, passion for the land and it’s critters, and love of the earth and what it supports, whether it’s animals, gardens, fish or fowl.
  • The Fair instills love of land and the need to be good stewards.
  • The smell of soil and animal droppings brings back childhood memories.
  • The funnel cake is the best!!!
  • The Routt County Fair is the perfect mix of freedom and responsibility for our youth.
  • The Fair encourages kids to help each other in a friendly competition, connects kids to their community roots, brings them closer to the food source, and helps them learn to deal with loss and grief in an supportive environment..
  • The Routt County fair is one of the few events that can bring all of Routt County together in a week’s time. Fair is full of fun, family and friends.
  • The Routt County Fair is Family. Fabulous exhibits. Furry animals. Flavorful food. Fine parade. Fun vendors. Funky music. Fantastic rodeo. Funnel cakes. Friendly staff.

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