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Facility History and Progression

The Routt County Fair is held on the same 37-acre tract of land where it was launched in 1914. The Routt County Fairgrounds reflect the heritage of Routt County’s ranching, mining, and recreation communities.

The fairgrounds have undergone several updates since the first racetrack was built in 1914:

•1916 Grandstands added
•1938 grandstands addition, new judge’s tower, new livestock barn, and a new barn with stalls for race horses.
•1965 L-shaped livestock barn, new announcer’s tower, new concrete floor for the Exhibit Hall (old hall torn down)
•1974, metal barn built to function as a sales barn and a horse barn (Lockhart Barn)
•1985, the Road & Bridge shop converted into the Exhibit Hall we know today
•1993, the 1916 grandstands replaced with new metal grandstands, BBQ area
•1995 fairgrounds added to Routt County Historic Register, because of their significance to the cultural, economic, social, and historic heritage and development of Routt County.
•2002 the Multi-Purpose Building/Indoor Arena
•2004-2007 Site Improvements including waterline upgrades, parking at Dry Creek Park and grading and drainage improvements and wetlands mitigation in Dry Creek, L-shaped livestock barn torn down (2005)
•2012 New restroom/shower facility
•2013 Kenny’s Crows Nest
•2014 warm-up arena, updated Exhibit Hall restrooms, new pedestrian bridge east, new sound system site-wide
•2015 Storage rooms in exhibit hall
•2016 Sam Haslem memorial flag pole, Quonset hut collapsed, exhibit hall improvements interior
•2017 Exhibit Hall HVAC, midway improvements
•2018 RV Dump, RV Park opens
•2019 pedestrian bridge west, volleyball court, removed rodeo secretary building
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