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Routt County Fair Open Horse Show

August 10th Beginning @ 8:00am

Entries are a one horse/one rider combination. If a rider is competing on multiple horses, please enter each horse/rider combination separately. This form allows you to enter more than one rider or horse/rider combo.

Entry Fees:

Walk Trot - $30 day pass

All other divisions - $50 day pass

In-Hand Trail ONLY - $10 per class

Enter as many classes as you would like for the flat fee. Each horse/rider combo requires its own day pass. This year, there will be no per class payments (aside from in-hand trail).

Only one horse can be entered in Showmanship at Halter by a rider. Showmanship is required to qualify for overall and high point awards, and used as a tie breaker.

All show fees will be paid on site. Rider must present a form of payment -- card or check -- and sign a liability waiver prior to receiving their back number.

Overall & High Point Awards
Overall & Reserve Champion
Champion & Reserve Champion Western
Champion & Reserve Champion English

  • High Point and Overall awards will be calculated as a horse and rider combo.
  • Rider must compete in Showmanship to be eligible for High Point & Overall awards.
  • Rider must compete in at least one Western and one English class to be eligible for Overall awards.
  • Showmanship placing will be used in the event of a tie.

Overall Champion for each division (including Walk-Trot) will be awarded trophy saddles!

Thank you to our saddle sponsors -- Axial Arts, Builders First Source, Elk River Pet & Ranch, Sturges Cusenbary Wealth Management -- for making this possible.

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