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General Rules, Regulations & Information

General Rules, Regulations & Information

ADMISSION: Admission to the grounds is FREE. There is an admission charge for Camping, Concerts,

and the Demolition Derby.

BICYCLES: NO bicycles, skateboards, scooters, hoverboards or similar items on fairgrounds during the Routt County Fair.

CAMPING: All visitors and participants wishing to “camp” with placement of a Recreational Vehicle (RV) or tent on the fairgrounds during the Routt County Fair must register and obtain a permit PRIOR to setting up RV/TENT. “Fair Camping” dates begin the day of the Open Horse Show and end on the last day of the Fair. For 2023 the dates are August 11 to August 20. Accommodations are based on availability.

ALL reservations will be made online through beginning July 1. Campers will pick their location during reservation. Phone, email, and USPS mail reservations are not accepted. If someone needs help or does not have access to the internet, they can visit the Fair Office and get help with their reservation.

Water is NOT available to fill your RV at the fairgrounds. Please plan to fill your RV PRIOR to arriving at the fairgrounds.

RV/TENT must display the proper permit at all times. Permits are available at the Fair office inside the Exhibit Hall.

Only one RV/TENT and one vehicle are allowed per site (no exceptions). Each registered RV/TENT is given ONE vehicle permit which MUST be displayed or the vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense.

The only vehicles/trailers allowed in the designated camping areas are the registered RV/TENT and the ONE registered vehicle. No horse trailers or other vehicles/tents/trailers are allowed to park in the designated camping areas.

Quiet hours are 10:00 pm to 7:00 am.

Camping areas must be kept clean at all times for the enjoyment of all our guests.

Any type of fencing or barrier is not permitted.

Any guests, their children, or visitors who become a nuisance will be asked to leave.

Adult supervision is required for each RV/TENT.

Any vehicle without the proper permit easily visible will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Campfires are NOT allowed during the Routt County Fair.

Electrical Sites: Due to limited electrical power RVs are expected to be conservative in their use of air conditioners or other appliances that take large amounts of electricity (microwaves, air conditioners).

DAMAGE TO SITE: Guests shall leave the site in as good a condition at the end of use as it was at the beginning of such use. Guest shall also be responsible for the costs of any cleaning or repair to the site or the Fairgrounds resulting from their use or that of their guests. In the event that the County is required to clean or repair damage which is the responsibility of the Guest, the County shall be entitled to recover such costs from the Guest.

ALCOHOL & MARIJUANA: Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages, marijuana, and any illicit drug is forbidden on the fairgrounds (excluding the wine & beer contest and any approved Beer Garden). Drinking, brawling, and other misconduct in general on the part of the exhibitors shall be grounds for the Fair Management to cause the exhibitor to forfeit all premium monies. 4-H/ FFA members: 4-H has no tolerance for the possession or use of alcohol or other illegal drugs and the 4-H/FFA alcohol policy will be enforced.

ELIGIBILITY: Participation in the Routt County Fair Home Arts Division is limited to Routt County residents (this includes part-time residents).

ATV/UTV USE: Fair Advisory Board members, Routt County employees, Extension office employees, and anyone authorized by Fair Management are the only people allowed to operate any ATVs/UTVs during the Routt County Fair on the Routt County Fairgrounds.

FIRE PRECAUTIONS: Smoking is NOT allowed in or within 25 feet of any of the buildings. Visitors should make an effort to be aware of all marked exits and water faucets; keep electrical cords away from water and

walkways and unplug when not in use. Report conditions that may result in danger. When called, emergency will come down Poplar Street, enter the race track by the Exhibit hall and proceed to the affected area in an emergency. The extent of the fire personnel's access to gates and safety of everyone must be considered if it becomes necessary to evacuate animals.

Rules & Regulations

SAFETY: Fair management will exercise diligence, including the employment of special police to assure the safety of people, animals and exhibits. In no case will Routt County, the Routt County Fair Advisory Board, Fair Superintendents or Routt County Extension Office staff be responsible or liable for loss, damage or injury to any people or property on the fairgrounds. Exhibits will not be accepted subject to any conditions outlined by an exhibitor; completion of an entry by an exhibitor indemnifies Routt County and the Routt County Fair Advisory Board and its agents from any responsibility and/or legal proceedings resulting in claims of liability. Any animal deemed unruly or unsafe may be removed at the discretion of the Barn Superintendent, Species Superintendent and the CSU Extension office.

GROUNDS: Use of the Fairgrounds and facilities during the Routt County Fair is supervised by the Routt County Fair Advisory Board. Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning stalls and show areas prior to the release of exhibits.

Buildings and fences must be kept in repair by users who are responsible for removing refuse from the premises or placing it in dumpsters. Unless prior arrangements have been made, barn space must be vacant three days prior to opening of the Fair. No butt fans allowed. No generators are allowed inside any buildings. ALL ELECTRICAL CORDS MUST BE OF APPROPRIATE SIZE AND LENGTH WITH NO SPLICES as determined by the Barn Superintendent or Fair Maintenance.

JUDGING: Any exhibitor, parent or individual who attempts to interfere with a judge or protests a decision in an unseemly manner will be excluded from competition, awards and premiums and may be escorted from the grounds. Since the Routt County Fair is designed to encourage competition and awards for quality displays, exhibitors and purchasers, the public has the right to expect quality behavior. 4H/FFA members must abide by the 4-H Code of Conduct and 4-H Alcohol Policy.

PREMIUMS: All Home Arts open class premiums may be picked up at the Exhibit Hall on Sunday, August 20 from 12-2 pm. Premiums not collected on Sunday without prior arrangements are forfeited. In the Home Arts department ONLY, blue ribbons will receive premiums of $1.

GRIEVANCE PROCEDURES: In order to assure fairness, complaints, and grievances must first go to the appropriate Department Superintendent. Issues that can- not be resolved by the Department Superintendent must be addressed through the Routt County Fair Grievance Procedure outlined below. All 4-H/FFA Show

grievances must be addressed through 4-H/FFA administration, which can be found in the 2023 Member Handbook.

Contact the Fair Manager through the Fair office located in the Exhibit Hall.

File a written grievance with the Fair office in the Exhibit hall. Verbal and unsigned complaints will not be considered.

The Fair Manager will coordinate a meeting of the Competition Committee.

Grievances will be evaluated by the Competition Committee made up of three fair advisory board members and two ex-officio members.

Any person filing a written grievance has the option of making a personal presentation at a grievance hearing. Grievances will be evaluated in a timely manner however, because of time constraints during the annual fair, a decision may not be made until after Fair.

Decisions of the Competition Committee are final.

PARKING: South side of the outdoor arena is NO PUBLIC PARKING. This area is for people participating in the current event being held in the outdoor arena ONLY! Participants are allowed ONE vehicle only! Once the event is over, vehicles and trailers MUST be moved. All others are subject to tow at the owner’s expense.

Outdoor Arena Event Participants: park on the south side of the arena.

Livestock/Horse trailers: should park along the fence on the north side of the Fairgrounds.

Spectators: parking is available in the field on the east side of the Multi-Purpose Building, the west side of the Exhibit Hall, or Dry Creek Park.

The west gate is open only to foot traffic.

Livestock exhibitors are allowed to enter the livestock area to load and unload animals.

No Parking on the Track.

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