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2022 Junior Livestock Sale

Saturday, August 20
4:30pm (MPB)
Sponsor: Master Petroleum
Auctioneers: Chad Green & Graig Medvesk

When you purchase an animal at the Jr. Livestock Sale you receive a locally raised, high quality product and support Routt County’s 4-H & FFA programs.It is estimated that over 80% of the money earned from the Jr. Livestock Sale is invested in higher education and/or building future livestock enterprises. Your purchase in an investment in the future of Routt County youth!

In 2021 the outstanding supporters of this event spent $609,573 on 133 head of livestock.Beef averaged $7,008, lambs averaged $2,400, goats averaged $1,629 and swine averaged $4,030.The animals produced for and sold through the auction are terminal and will meet or exceed the quality of meat purchased in the store.In addition, you will get to meet the producer.You decide where and how the meat is processed – how many servings per package, thickness of the cuts, etc. – completely hassle free.Livestock is transported to the locker plant of your choice in Craig (Mountain Meat Packing, Brothers Processing or AGP).The buyer will need to call the processor to specify cuts and preferences, pay for the processing as well as arrange pickup.

How do you purchase an animal at the Jr. Livestock Sale?

  • Register as a Buyer before the auction on the Sale website: . Registration will be available immediately prior to the event as well.
  • Pick up your buyer number from the Clerk’s table in the Multipurpose Building when you arrive for the BBQ before the sale.
  • Once you successfully win the bid on an animal, then immediately make your way to the buyer photo area to meet the youth producer, have your picture taken, select your processor, complete the buyer paperwork and pay for your purchase.
  • Can’t attend the Jr. Livestock Sale in person? No problem, contact the Routt County Extension Office (970-879-0825) prior to the sale so a proctor may be arranged for you. Call-in options are also available.

Most commonly, people use their purchase for private consumption. 4-H & FFA beef, lamb, goat and pork make excellent gifts for friends, family or business associates. Local meat is also a much appreciated employee benefit. You may also donate meat to a worthy organization of your choice. In the past, buyers have donated to such organizations as Casey’s Pond, The Haven, Horizons, Better Tomorrow and LiftUp Routt County. Typically, the buyer pays the meat processing cost for the benefit of the nonprofit.

For sale consignor rules, see the Routt County Member Handbook
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