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2021 Junior Livestock Sale

Saturday, August 21
4:30pm (MPB)
Sponsor: Master Petroleum

When you purchase an animal at the Junior Livestock Sale you receive a high quality product, and are able to give financial aid to Routt County’s youth. It is estimated that over 80% of the money earned from the Junior Livestock Sale is put toward higher education or building future livestock enterprises. Your purchase is an investment in the future of Routt County Youth!

In 2020, during our online auction due to COVID, the outstanding supporters of our community spent $319,701 on 120 head at the livestock sale. Beef averaged $4,687, Lambs averaged $991, Goats averaged $670, and Swine averaged $1,503. The animals you purchase are high quality 4-H and FFA beef, lamb, goat and pork. They meet or exceed the quality of meat you buy in the store. You can be assured you will get a quality product. Furthermore, you decide how you want your meat processed - how many servings per package, thickness of the steaks, etc. Completely hassle free.

Buyers will have a choice of processors this year including Mountain Meat Packing, AGP Processing or Hammers. Due to staffing shortage, Brother’s Custom Processing will not be able to accommodate Routt County Junior Livestock Sale animals. If you would like your animal/s to processed by Brother’s please contact them directly prior to the sale.

Most commonly, people use their purchases for home consumption. 4-H and FFA beef, lamb, goat and pork make excellent gifts for friends or business associates. At the time of purchase, you can also donate meat to any worthy organization. In the past, buyers have donated to organizations such as the Casey’s Pond, The Haven, Horizons, Advocates Building Peaceful Communities, and Lift-up Food Bank. You will be requested to pay for the processing cost of the meat. For consignor rules, see the Routt County Member Handbook.

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