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Superintendents: Barbara Cannizzo, Don Sperry
Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion ribbons may be awarded in each division and age category.

Category 1 Lathe Worked Project
K001 Table Large (dining, patio, etc.)
K002 Table Small (end, child, etc.)
K003 Table with drawer (end, nightstand, etc.)
K004 Dresser with drawers
K005 Bookcase/cabinet (no doors)
K006 Chair (house, patio, child, etc.)
K007 Small home furnishing
K008 Decorative Item K009 Other

Category 2 No Lathe Work
K010 Table Large (dining, patio, etc.)
K011 Table Small (end, child, etc.)
K012 Table with drawer (end, nightstand, etc.)
K013 Dresser with drawers
K014 Bookcase/cabinet (no doors)
K015 Chair (house, patio, child, etc.)
K016 Small home furnishing
K017 Decorative Item
K018 Other

Category 3 Refinished
K020 Large Piece
K021 Small Piece
K022 Other

Category 1
K030 Carving Large
K031 Carving Small
K032 Decorative Box

Category 2
K040 Pinewood Derby
K041 Toy
K042 Item made from KIT
K043 Item NOT made from KIT
K044 Other
K033 Instrument
K034 Scroll Saw Work
K035 Walking Stick
K036 Woodburning
K037 Other
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