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Superintendents: Barbara Cannizzo, Don Sperry
Age Groups: Junior, Teen, Adult, Adult Plus, Senior, Senior Plus, Pro
2 entries/numbered category
Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion ribbons may be awarded in each division and age category.

Category 1 Lathe Worked Project
K001 Table Large (dining, patio, etc.)
K002 Table Small (end, child, etc.)
K003 Table with drawer (end, nightstand, etc.)
K004 Dresser with drawers
K005 Bookcase/cabinet (no doors)
K006 Chair (house, patio, child, etc.)
K007 Small home furnishing
K008 Decorative Item
K009 Other

Category 2 No Lathe Work
K010 Table Large (dining, patio, etc.)
K011 Table Small (end, child, etc.)
K012 Table with drawer (end, nightstand, etc.)
K013 Dresser with drawers
K014 Bookcase/cabinet (no doors)
K015 Chair (house, patio, child, etc.)
K016 Small home furnishing
K017 Decorative Item
K018 Other

Category 3 Refinished
K020 Large Piece
K021 Small Piece
K022 Other

Category 1
K030 Carving Large
K031 Carving Small
K032 Decorative Box
K033 Instrument
K034 Scroll Saw Work
K035 Walking Stick
K036 Woodburning
K037 Other

Category 2
K040 Pinewood Derby
K041 Toy
K042 Item made from KIT
K043 Item NOT made from KIT
K044 Other
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