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Vegetables & Crops

Superintendents: Linda Long, Kami Long, Susie Crowner, Glenda Luark
Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion ribbons may be awarded in each division and age category. Classes may include all varieties of a vegetable. New classes will be created to accommodate three or more of the same item entered under miscellaneous.

Display Rules/Regulations: All exhibitors must furnish a paper plate HEAVY ENOUGH to hold the vegetables or fruits being displayed firmly. Each crop display must be in a zip-lock type bag. Check with Superintendents if crop is too large for bagging. Each exhibit must be
of the proper size, number, or weight as listed for the various classes, or be disqualified. PLEASE BRING INSECT-FREE PRODUCE.

Special Crops Award: Outstanding Youth, Adult, Senior Open Class exhibitors earning the most combined points in the fruit and vegetable divisions are awarded gifts by the Crops Superintendents. Points are earned for Grand Champion (7), Reserve Grand Champion (6), Champi- on (5), Reserve Champion (4), and Blue (3).

Angelo Iacovetto “Best Garlic Award”: All open class exhibitors with a garlic entry are eligible. The judges choice will determine the BEST GARLIC!

Category 1 - Berries (display one pint on a plate and bagged)
J001 FB-currants, red/white, 1 pint
J002 FB-gooseberries, 1 pint
J003 FB-huckleberries, 1 pint
J004 FB-raspberries, 1 pint
J005 FB-service, 1 pint
J006 FB-strawberries, 1 pint
J007 FB-chokecherry, 1 pint

Category 2 - Apples
J011 FA-crabapples, plate of 6
J012 FA-fall apples, plate of 4
J013 FA-summer apples, plate of 4
J014 FA-open

Category 3 – Miscellaneous
J015 FM-cantaloupe, 1whole
J016 FM-fruit pears, plate of 4
J017 FM-plums, plate of 6
J018 FM-rhubarb, six 8-inch sticks
J019 FM-watermelon, 1 whole
J020 FM-oddities
J021 FM-other fruits
J022 FM-pie cherries 1 pint
J023 FM-apricots plate of 6
J024 FM-open

Category 1 - Herbs & Seasonings (must be live, not dried plants or leaves)
J025 HS-cilantro
J026 HS-dill, 1 mature head
J027 HS-ginger root, 1 tuber
J028 HS-chive, 6 stems
J029 HS-basil, 1 stem
J030 HS-oregano, 1 stem
J031 HS-parsley, 1 stem
J032 HS-rosemary 1 stem
J033 HS-mint (peppermint/spearmint) 1 stem
J034 HS-specialty, mints (choc, lemon, pineapple, etc.) 1 stem
J035 HS-sage 1 stem
J036 HS-tarragon 1 stem
J037 HS-lemon balm 1 stem
J038 HS-thyme 1 stem
J039 HS-other 1 stem
J040 HS-open 1 stem

Category 2 - Leafy Crops (enclosed for better displaying)
J041 LC-broccoli, 1 large bunch
J042 LC-Brussel sprouts, 6 heads
J043 LC-cauliflower, 1 head
J044 LC-celery, 3 sticks
J045 LC-Chinese cabbage, 1 head
J046 LC-green cabbage, 1 head
J047 LC-red cabbage, 1 head
J048 LC-head lettuce, 1 head
J049 LC-green leaf lettuce, 6 leaves
J050 LC-red leaf lettuce, 6 leaves
J051 LC-Romaine lettuce, 1 head
J052 LC-red kale, head or 6 leaves
J053 LC-white/green kale, head or 6 leaves
J054 LC-spinach, 6 leaves
J055 LC-Swiss chard, 6 leaves
J056 LC-heaviest cabbage
J057 LC-Hops
J058 LC-Open

Category 1 - Onions (display amount indicated on a plate and bagged)
J061 O-garlic, plate of 3
J062 O-green, plate of 6 (6-inch tops)
J063 O-red, plate of 4
J064 O-white, plate of 4
J065 O-yellow, plate of 4
J066 O-leeks, plate of 4 (3-inch tops)
J067 O-pearl, plate of 6
J068 O-shallots, plate of 6
J069 O-open

Category 2 - Other Vegetables (display amount indicated on a plate and bagged)
J071 OV-bell peppers, plate of 3
J072 OV-sweet or mild peppers, plate of 3
J073 OV-hot chili peppers, jalapeno, plate of 3
J074 OV-hot chili peppers, banana, plate of 3
J075 OV-eggplant, plate of 1
J076 OV-okra, plate of 3
J077 OV-sweet corn, 2 ears husked
J078 OV-sunflower, 1 mature head
J079 OV-vegetable oddities
J080 OV-other vegetable
J081 OV-open

Category 3 - Pod Vegetables (display 1/2 pound)
J086 PV-dry shelled beans
J087 PV-fava beans
J088 PV-green beans J089 PV-wax beans
J090 PV-purple or speckled beans
J091 PV-peas
J092 PV-snow peas J093 PV-sugar peas
J094 PV-other
J095 PV-open

Category 1 - Potatoes (display amount indicated on a plate and bagged)
J101 P-largest quality potato, plate of 1
J102 P-red potato, plate of 4
J103 P-white potato, plate of 4
J104 P-russet potato, plate of 4
J105 P-sweet potato, plate of 4
J106 P-other potato, plate of 4
J107 P-open potato, plate of 4

Category 2 - Root & Tuber Crops (display amount indicated on a plate) crops; must be dirt-free and have 2-3-inch tops
J111 RT-beets, plate of 4
J112 RT-carrots, plate of 4
J113 RT-parsnips, plate of 4
J114 RT-radishes, plate of 4
J115 RT-rutabagas, plate of 4
J116 RT-turnips, plate of 4
J117 RT-kohlrabi, plate of 4
J118 RT-open

Category 3 - Squash (one per plate unless otherwise noted)
J121 S-acorn
J122 S-banana
J123 S-buttercup or turban
J124 S-butternut
J125 S-gourds, 3
J126 S-hubbard
J127 S-pumpkin
J128 S-scalloped
J129 S-spaghetti
J130 S-yellow summer
J131 S-zucchini 8-inch
J132 S-zucchini, baking more than 8-inches
J133 S-other summer
J134 S-other winter
J135 S-heaviest zucchini

Category 4 - Vine Crops (bagged plate of 4 unless other- wise noted) Ripe tomatoes must have stems removed; green tomatoes must have stems attached.
J141 V-cucumbers, slicing 6-inches plus
J142 V-cucumbers, pickling 4-inches
J143 V-cherry tomatoes (plate of 6)
J144 V-green tomatoes, slicing
J145 V-ripe tomatoes, slicing
J146 V-pear shaped tomatoes
J147 V-husk tomatoes
J148 V-green cherry tomato (plate of 6)
J149 V-Miscellaneous vegetable creation
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