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Superintendent: Dana Haskins, Robin Wilson, Greg Backes, Gail Hanley, Laura Johnson
Photographs must be taken by the exhibitor, framed, wired and ready to hang.

Category 1 - Special effects
P030 Color P031 Sepia
P032 Hand tint
P033 Optical Illusions
P034 Urban Landscape
P035 Macro
P036 Architecture
P037 Collection (2 or more photos together)
P038 Open

Category 2 - Digital Black & White
P045 Ranch Life
P046 Portrait
P047 Landscape
P048 Still Life
P049 Floral
P050 Abstract
P051 Animal/Domestic
P052 Animal/Wildlife
P053 Action
P054 Urban Landscape
P055 Macro
P056 Architecture
P057 Collection (2 or more photos together)
P058 Open

Category 3 - Digital Color
P060 Ranch Life
P061 Portrait
P062 Landscape
P063 Still Life
P064 Floral
P065 Abstract
P066 Animal/Domestic
P067 Animal/Wildlife
P068 Action
P069 Sunset
P070 Urban Landscape
P071 Nature Close Up
P072 Architecture
P073 Collection (2 or more photos together)
P074 Open
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