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Superintendents: Shirley Gossert, Patricia Bennett, Linda Signs, Bonnie Standridge
Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion ribbons may be awarded in each division and age category. New classes will be added when three or more of the same items are entered under miscellaneous. Items must be clean in order to be judged and will be scored on technique and workmanship (35%), appearance (30%), design (30%), and fabric or suitability of yarn/thread (5%). Counted cross stitch pictures will be judged on the centering of the cross stitch in the frame, matting and workmanship.

Category 1 - Embroidery, Hand Done
H001 Hand-pillow case
H002 Hand-tea towels
H003 Hand-buff, van set, scarf, etc.
H004 Hand-luncheon or tablecloth
H005 Hand-garment
H006 Hand-stamped X-stitch pillow case
H007 Hand-stamped X-stitch baby item
H008 Hand-stamped X-stitch luncheon, etc.
H009 Hand-hand stamped picture
H010 Hand-crewel
H011 Hand-needlepoint picture
H012 Hand-needle punch picture
H013 Hand-needlepoint plastic canvas toys
H014 Hand-needlepoint plastic canvas household item
H015 Hand-needlepoint-plastic canvas
H016 Hand-needlepoint-plastic canvas-misc.
H017 Hand-needlepoint plastic canvas dolls H018 Hand-needle punch-misc
H019 Hand-open

Category 2 - Embroidery, Machine Done
H021 Machine-pillow case
H022 Machine-tea towels
H023 Machine-tea towels, appliqué
H024 Machine-luncheon or tablecloth
H025 Machine-buffet, vanity set, scarf etc.
H026 Machine-garments
H027 Machine-embroidery open
H028 Machine-picture

Category 3 - Counted Cross Stitch
H031 X-wall hanging
H032 X-baby item
H033 X-picture-scenery, small
H034 X-picture-scenery, large
H035 X-picture-wildlife/animals, small
H036 X-picture-wildlife/animals, large
H037 X-picture-sampler, small
H038 X-picture-sampler, large
H039 X-picture-floral, small
H040 X-picture-floral, large
H041 X-picture-building/ still life, small
H042 X-picture-building/still life, large
H043 X-towel
H044 X-miscellaneous
H045 X-open
H046 X-computer design/small
H047 X-computer design/large

Category 1 - Latch Hook
H051 LH-original design cross-stitch rug
H052 LH-original design hook rug
H053 LH-miscellaneous
H054 LH-miscellaneous
H055 LH-miscellaneous

Category 2 - Hooked Rugs
HO56 Hooked-small rug
HO57 Hooked-medium rug
HO58 Hooked-large rug
HO59 Hooked-pillow
HO60 Hooked-miscellaneous
HO61 Hooked-miscellaneous
HO62 Hooked-miscellaneous

Category 3 - Decorator Pillows
H065 Dec. Pillows-miscellaneous
H066 Dec. Pillows-miscellaneous
H067 Dec. Pillows-miscellaneous
H068 Dec. Pillows-miscellaneous
H069 Dec. Pillows-miscellaneous

Category 1 - Toys or Decorator Items
H070 Toy-knitted
H071 Toy-crocheted doll
H072 Toy-felt/non-woven
H073 Toy-fabric stuffed animal
H074 Toy-fabric doll
H075 Toy-accessory
H076 Toy-plastic-headed doll
H077 Toy-miscellaneous

Category 2 - Christmas Decorations
H080 Xmas-wall hanging/non-quilt
H081 Xmas-pillow
H082 Xmas-crochet
H083 Xmas-knitted
H084 Xmas-needlepoint
H085 Xmas-needlepoint, plastic canvas
H086 Xmas-embroidery
H087 Xmas-tatted
H088 Xmas-felt/non-woven
H089 Xmas-counted x-stitch, small
H090 Xmas-counted x-stitch, large
H091 Xmas-counted x-stitch, stocking
H092 Xmas-latch hook
H093 Xmas-open

Category 1 - Home Spun Items
H100 HS-weaving
H101 HS-knitting
H102 HS-crocheting
H103 HS-felting

Category 2 - Home Spun Skeins
H105 HS-Sheep Wool-fine single ply
H106 HS-Sheep Wool-medium singly ply
H107 HS-Sheep Wool-two or more plies
H108 HS-Goat/Cashmere/ Angora-single or multiplied
H109 HS-Llama/Alpaca-single or multi-plied
H110 HS-Blends of any above fibers (no cotton, synthet- ics, etc.)
H111 HS-open

Category 3 - Items made by two or more people
H115 Two people-miscellaneous
H116 Two people-open

Category 4 - Non-spun & Felt
H117 NSP-open
H118 NSP-open
H119 NSP-open

Category 1 - Crocheting – Thread
H120 Thread-clothing
H121 Thread-accessory
H122 Thread-doll garment
H123 Thread-doily, dresser runner
H124 Thread-jewelry
H125 Thread-household item
H126 Thread-tablecloth
H127 Thread-bedspread
H128 Thread-miscellaneous
H129 Thread-crochet basket

Category 2 - Crocheting – Yarn
H133 Yarn-clothing
H134 Yarn-accessory
H135 Yarn-doll garment
H136 Yarn-household item
H137 Yarn-afghan
H138 Yarn-lap afghan
H139 Yarn-miscellaneous
H140 Yarn-open

Category 3 - Crocheting - Baby Items
H143 Baby-booties
H144 Baby-afghan
H145 Baby-sweater
H146 Baby-cap
H147 Baby-mittens
H148 Baby-dress or pinafore
H149 Baby-two-piece suit
H150 Baby-three-piece suit
H151 Baby-accessory
H152 Baby-miscellaneous
H153 Baby-open

Category 4 – Tatting
H155 Tat-doily
H156 Tat-inserts
H157 Tat-edgings
H158 Tat-open

Category 1 - Knitting – Miscellaneous
H160 Knit-clothing
H161 Knit-accessory
H162 Knit-household item
H163 Knit-afghan
H164 Knit-lap afghan
H165 Knit-miscellaneous
H166 Knit-open

Category 2 - Knitting – Baby Items
H170 Knit Baby-booties
H171 Knit Baby-cap
H172 Knit Baby-mittens
H173 Knit Baby-sweater
H174 Knit Baby-dress or pinafore
H175 Knit Baby-two-piece suit
H176 Knit Baby-three-piece suit
H177 Knit Baby-afghan
H178 Knit Baby-lap afghan
H179 Knit Baby-open

Category 1 - Swedish Weaving
H190 SW-tablecloth
H191 SW-afghan
H192 SW-place mat

Category 2 – Weaving
H196 Weave-placemats
H197 Weave-coaster
H198 Weave-clothing
H199 Weave-accessories
H200 Weave-open

Treasures from the Family Trunk – NEW IN 2019 CATEGORY: Do you have family heirlooms or treasures that you have put together into a beautiful display? This is the category for you! Judged on: 1) how well does it represent the era? 2) Presentation, 3) Has it aged well?
H205 FT-Toys
H206 FT -Wall Hanging
H207 FT -Open
H208 FT -Misc.
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