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Farm Products

Superintendent: Jody Camilletti
Dairy Cow, Dairy Goat, Elk, Venison, Pork, etc. Please label item for species. Only appropriately labeled, and pasteurized products will be tasted.
NO home remedies or medicinal products will be accepted.

Category 1 - Unpasteurized Dairy Products
F001 Unpast. Dairy-butter, 1lb.
F002 Unpast. Dairy-cheddar type cheese, 1/2 lb.
F003 Unpast. Dairy-cottage cheese, 1 pint
F004 Unpast. Dairy-hard cheese, 1/2 lb.
F005 Unpast. Dairy-yogurt cheese, 1/2 lb.
F006 Unpast. Dairy-misc cheese
F007 Unpast. Dairy-whole milk 1 pint displayed with cream
F008 Unpast. Dairy-buttermilk, 1 pint
F009 Unpast. Dairy-skim milk, 1 pint
F010 Unpast. Dairy-goat milk, 1 pint
F011 Unpast. Dairy-cream, 1/2 pint

Category 2 - Pasteurized Dairy Products
F016 Past. Dairy-butter, 1lb.
F017 Past. Dairy-cheddar type cheese, 1/2 lb.
F018 Past. Dairy-cottage cheese, 1 pint
F019 Past. Dairy-hard cheese, 1/2 lb.
F020 Past. Dairy-yogurt cheese, 1/2 lb.
F021 Past. Dairy-miscellaneous cheese
F022 Past. Dairy-whole milk 1 pint displayed with cream
F023 Past. Dairy-buttermilk, 1 pint
F024 Past. Dairy-skim milk, 1 pint
F025 Past. Dairy-goat milk, 1 pint
F026 Past. Dairy-cream, 1/2 pint
F027 Past. Dairy-yogurt, 1 cup

Category 3 - Eggs (one dozen)
F030 Eggs-white large
F031 Eggs-white medium/small
F032 Eggs-brown large
F033 Eggs-brown medium/small
F034 Eggs-misc. (goose, duck, etc.)
F035 Eggs-open

Category 4 – Honey
F037 Honey – Clover
F038 Honey – Alfalfa
F039 Honey – Wildflower
F040 Honey - Blended
F041 Honey – with honeycomb
F042 Honey - other

Category 5 - Meat (method of preparation & processing, time and date processed, and recipe)
F044 Meat-salami, 1/2 lb.
F045 Meat-German smoked sausage, 2 links
F046 Meat-Italian smoked sausage, 2 links
F047 Meat-Polish smoked sausage, 2 links
F048 Meat-open

Category 6 – Miscellaneous
F049 Miscellaneous-open
F050 Miscellaneous-open

Dried products must be in a moisture vapor-proof container or bag. Labels on dried foods must indicate the name of the product, any pretreatment, additional ingredients, method of drying (oven, dehydrator, solar), drying time and date dried. Example: Apricots, ascorbic acid dipped, dehydrator dried, eight hours, July 2021. Food Safety Advisory: Current research indicates that E. Coli can survive low temperature drying. We recommend that fair judges refrain from tasting home dried meats. Please contact the Routt County Extension office for more food safety recommendations and recipes.
Category 1 – Fruit
F060 Fruit-apricots
F061 Fruit-cherries
F062 Fruit-fruit leather
F063 Fruit-other fruit
F064 Fruit-pears
F065 Fruit-plums/prunes
F066 Fruit-grapes/raisins
F067 Fruit-open

Category 2 – Vegetables
F070 Vegetables-carrots
F071 Vegetables-celery
F072 Vegetables-corn
F073 Vegetables-mixed vegetables
F074 Vegetables-onions
F075 Vegetables-other vegetables
F076 Vegetables-peppers
F077 Vegetables-squash/zucchini
F078 Vegetables-miscellaneous
F079 Vegetables-open

Category 3 – Others
F080 Other-herbs
F081 Other-jerky
F082 Other- noodles
F083 Other-miscellaneous
F084 Other-open

Bath products should contain one appropriately labeled bar, bottle or container per entry.
Category 1 - Homemade Soap
F086 Homemade soap-made from a kit
F087 Homemade soap-made from scratch
F088 Homemade soap-open

Category 2 - Homemade Lotion
F090 Homemade lotion-made from kit
F091 Homemade lotion-made from scratch
F092 Homemade lotion-salve
F093 Homemade lotion-serum
F094 Homemade lotion-open

Category 3 – Homemade Aromatherapy
F095 Homemade Aromatherapy-oil
F096 Homemade Aromatherapy-salts
F097 Homemade Aromatherapy-miscellaneous
F098 Homemade Aromatherapy-open

Category 4 – Homemade Pet
F100 Homemade Pet-lotion/salve
F101 Homemade Pet-soap
F102 Homemade Pet treats
F103 Homemade Pet-miscellaneous
F104 Homemade Pet-open
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