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Crafts and Hobbies

Superintendents: Jeannie Wixson, Kathy Reck, Rhonda Green, Alaine Montgomery
Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion ribbons may be awarded in each division and age category.

Articles made from kits are classified as crafts or hobby work. As entries warrant, classes may be divided into categories determined by types of materials.
Category 1 - Decoupage
E001 Decoupage-pictures
E002 Decoupage-decorative accessory
E003 Decoupage-miscellaneous
E004 Decoupage-open

Category 2 - Jewelry
E005 Jewelry-Ankle Bracelet
E006 Jewelry-necklace
E007 Jewelry-earrings
E008 Jewelry-bracelet
E009 Jewelry-rings
E010 Jewelry-hair accessories
E011 Jewelry-Beads-earrings
E012 Jewelry-Beads-necklace
E013 Jewelry-Beads-bracelet
E014 Jewelry-Beads-Belt
E015 Jewelry-Pin
E016 Jewelry-Loom beaded
E017 Jewelry-Necklace & Earring Set

Category 3 - Miscellaneous
E031 Misc.-candles
E032 Misc.-quill work
E033 Misc.-ecology art
E034 Misc.-paint by number
E035 Misc.-string art
E036 Misc.-feathers
E037 Misc.-feather hatband
E038 Misc.-miscellaneous
E039 Misc.-fabric frames
E040 Misc.-fabric photo album
E041 Misc.-glued fabric wall hanging
E042 Misc.-etching, from kit
E043 Misc.-plastic crafts
E044 Misc.-collection
E045 Misc.-fiber art
E046 Misc.-toys
E047 Misc.-pet toys
E048 Misc.-puzzles
E049 Misc.-gift baskets
E-50 Misc.-centerpiece
E051 Misc.-open
E052 Misc.-welding

Category 4 - Fly Tying
E055 Fly-ties with feathers
E056 Fly-ties without feather
E057 Fly-display

Category 5 - Natural Resources
E066 Natural Resources-wildlife
E067 Natural Resource rock collection
E068 Natural Resources-insects
E069 Natural Resources-forestry
E070 Natural Resources-beekeeping
E071 Natural Resources-open
E072 Natural Resources-dried flower arrangement

Category 6 - Upholstered Items
E076 Upholstered-small items
E077 Upholstered-chairs
E078 Upholstered-open

Category 7 – Metal
E079 Metal-open
E080 Metal-misc.

Category 1 - Ceramics
E081 Ceramics-stained, decorative
E082 Ceramics-stained, household
E083 Ceramics-stained, antique
E084 Ceramics-chalk, decorative
E085 Ceramics-chalk, antique
E086 Ceramics-glazed, decorative
E087 Ceramics-glazed, household
E088 Ceramics-glazed, antique
E089 Ceramics-original
E090 Ceramics-hand brushed
E091 Ceramics-open
E092 Ceramics-Hand Painted

Category 2 - Christmas Crafts
E096 Christmas-beadwork
E097 Christmas-ceramics
E098 Christmas-crystal
E099 Christmas-decoupage
E100 Christmas-fabric, glue
E101 Christmas-fabric, sewn
E102 Christmas-macrame
E103 Christmas-metal
E104 Christmas-origami
E105 Christmas-pettipoint
E106 Christmas-stained glass
E107 Christmas-straw
E108 Christmas-wood
E109 Christmas-wreath
E110 Christmas-miscellaneous
E111 Christmas-wall hanging
E112 Christmas-centerpiece
E113 Christmas-ornament
E114 Christmas-open

Category 3 – Macramé
E121 Macramé-plant hanger
E122 Macramé-wall hanging
E123 Macramé-chair
E124 Macramé-purse or carryall
E125 Macramé-miscellaneous
E126 Macramé-open

Category 4 - Plaster Craft
E131 Plaster-household
E132 Plaster-decorative
E133 Plaster-open

Category 5 - Tube Painting and Painting
E136 Tube-clothing
E137 Tube-accessory item
E138 Tube-household item
E139 Tube-pictures
E140 Tube-fabric paint with liquid embroidery
E141 Tube-fabric paint with brush painted
E142 Tube-fabric paint with liquid home decor

Category 6 - Wall Decorations
E146 Wall-hats
E147 Wall-miscellaneous
E148 Wall-wreath
E149 Wall-swag
E150 Wall-centerpiece
E151 Wall-wind chimes
E152 Wall-plastic canvas
E153 Wall-dream catchers
E154 Wall-picture
E155 Wall-open

Category 7 - Recycled or Ecology
E160 Recycled/Ecology-popsicle stick
E161 Recycled/Ecology-cardboard
E162 Recycled/Ecology-pet rocks
E163 Recycled/Ecology-pine cones
E164 Recycled/Ecology-tin-can art
E165 Recycled/Ecology-glass bottles
E166 Recycled/Ecology-glass with fabric
E167 Recycled/Ecology-recycled jewelry
E168 Recycled/Ecology-recycled fabric
E169 Recycled/Ecology-clothes
E170 Recycled/Ecology-entire doll
E171 Recycled/Ecology-open

Category 8 - Artificial flowers
E175 Silk-Table
E176 Beaded
E177 Paper
E178 Open
E179 Corsage

Category 9 – Dolls
E185 Dolls – crochet
E186 Dolls – fabric
E187 Dolls – porcelain
E188 Dolls – restored
E189 Dolls – wooden
E190 Dolls - other

Category 10 – Treasures from the Family Trunk – NEW in 2019 CATEGORY: Do you have family heir- looms or treasures that you have put together into a beautiful display? This is the category for you! Judged on: 1)how well does it represent the era? 2) Presentation, 3) Has it aged well?
E195 FT-Toys
E196 FT -Wall Hanging
E197 FT –Jewelry
E198 FT -Misc.

Category 1 – Leather/Faux Leather
E216 Flat-belts/buckles/dog collars/bracelets
E217 Flat billfold/wallet/checkbook cover
E218 Flat-display/sample board case
E219 Flat-photo album cover
E220 Flat -frame, mirror or photo
E221 Flat-brief case
E222 Flat -misc.
E223 Flat -other

Category 2 – Leather/Faux Leather
E230 Case-brief case/camera
E231 Case-knife
E232 Case-gun case/holster
E233 Case-fishing rod/creel
E234 Case-purse
E235 Case-misc.
E236 Case-other

Category 3 – Leather/Faux Leather
E240 Tack-saddle
E241 Tack-breast collar E242 Tack-bridle
E243 Tack-harness
E244 Tack-seat
E245 Tack-misc.
E246 Tack-other

Category 1 – Models
E256 Models-boats
E257 Models-cars
E258 Models-trucks
E259 Models-airplanes
E260 Models-rockets
E261 Models-snap together
E262 Models-grouping
E263 Models-miscellaneous

Category 2 – Legos
E280 Legos-kit moving
E281 Legos -kit non-moving
E282 Legos -kit with your improvements
E283 Legos -scene
E284 Legos -house
E285 Legos -airplane/car/vehicle
E286 Legos -original design
E287 Legos –open

Category 3 - Misc. Construct Blocks
E289 MCT - Construct Blocks
E290 MCT - Knex
E291 MCT - Zome Tools
E292 MCT - Tinker Toys
E293 MCT – Erector
E294 MCT - Open

Category 1 – Traditional Scrapbook
E295 Trad. Scrap-wedding
E296 Trad. Scrap-family
E297 Trad. Scrap-sports
E298 Trad. Scrap-birthday
E299 Trad. Scrap-special occasion
E300 Trad. Scrap-vacation
E301 Trad. Scrap- baby/child
E302 Trad. Scrap-one page
E303 Trad. Scrap-Kit
E304 Trad. Scrap-open

Category 2 – Digital Scrapbook
E310 Dig. Scrap-wedding
E311 Dig. Scrap-family
E312 Dig. Scrap-sports
E313 Dig. Scrap-birthday
E314 Dig. Scrap-special occasion
E315 Dig. Scrap-vacation
E316 Dig. Scrap- baby/child
E317 Dig. Scrap-one page
E318 Dig. Scrap-Kit
E319 Dig. Scrap-open
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