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Canned Goods

Superintendents: Nancy Mucklow, Tegan Anderson, Jody Camilletti
1. All canned and jellied products must include the following information on the label (blank labels will be available at the Fair): - name of product -method of preparation (type syrup, type pack, any additional ingredients added) as applies to product canned -method of processing (i.e., pressure canner, water bath) and pounds of pressure used if food was pressure canned -elevation at which processing was done-exact processing time-date processed –RECIPE STRONGLY RECOMMENDED
- REMEMBER TO ADD ALTITUDE ADJUSTMENT TIME TO RECIPE YOU ARE PREPARING. See Altitude Chart. (Example: Recipe calls for 5 minutes processing time. For 6001-8000 feet, add 15 minutes to processing time = 20 minutes total processing time).
Recipe info can be included on the information label or attached as a separate label, but should be attached to the product because of food safety concerns.
2. Jellied products and Other Canned products must be displayed in U.S. standard jar (i.e., Ball, Kerr). Two-piece matching lids must be used.
3. Acceptable canning methods include pressure canned or hot water bath. It may be necessary to open home canned food entries to inspect for judging purposes. Judges will use their own discretion as to whether or not they will open and taste canned products. Directions for different methods are available from the Routt County Extension office and local libraries. Products with paraf- fin (wax) seals will not be accepted.
4. Including the recipe is beneficial.
5. Head space (the unfilled jar space above the food and below its lid) should be 1/4 inch for jams and jellies; 1/2 inch for fruit, pickles and tomatoes processed in hot-water bath; and 1 to 1 1/4 inch for low acid foods, vegetables, meats, etc. processed in a pressure canner.

Judging for fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and soups is based on appearance 50% (for natural color, uniform pieces, quality product canned in appropriate and food safe conditions, clear liquid); pack 40% (for well-spaced, attractive, uniform pieces, proper head space); and container 10% (for a perfect seal, complete label including recipe reference, sparkling jar).

Category 1 - Fruit
C001 Fruit-apricots
C002 Fruit-apples
C003 Fruit-applesauce
C004 Fruit-cherries-sour
C005 Fruit-cherries-sweet
C006 Fruit-fruit cocktail
C007 Fruit-gooseberries
C008 Fruit-peaches-whole
C009 Fruit-peaches-sliced
C010 Fruit-pears
C011 Fruit-plums
C012 Fruit-raspberries
C013 Fruit-rhubarb
C014 Fruit-strawberries
C015 Fruit-juice
C016 Fruit-pie filling
C017 Fruit- miscellaneous
C018 Fruit-open

Category 2 - Meat & Fish
C021 Meat & Fish-beef
C022 Meat & Fish-poultry
C023 Meat & Fish-trout
C024 Meat & Fish- mincemeat
C025 Meat & Fish- wild game
C026 Meat & Fish- miscellaneous
C027 Meat & Fish-open

Category 3 - Soup
C031 Soup-meat
C032 Soup- vegetable
C033 Soup- miscellaneous
C034 Soup-open

Category 4 – Vegetables
C036 Veg-beets
C037 Veg-beans-green
C038 Veg-beans
C039 Veg-carrots
C040 Veg-corn
C041 Veg-tomatoes-whole
C042 Veg-tomatoes-pieces
C043 Veg-tomato sauce
C044 Veg-vegetable juice (V-8 type)
C045 Veg-miscellaneous
C046 Veg-open

Category 5 - Pickled and Spiced Products
Judging is based upon appearance 40% (even color, uniform pieces and texture, sparkling jar), quality of fruit and vegetables 30% (quality product canned in appropriate and food safe conditions, condition of finished product, perfect seal), pack 25% (neatness, liquid cover, proper head space) and complete label and recipe reference 5%.
C051 Pickle/Spice-beets
C052 Pickle/Spice-B&B cucumber
C053 Pickle/Spice-dill cucumber
C054 Pickle/Spice-sweet cucumber
C055 Pickle/Spice-misc. cucumber
C056 Pickle/Spice-tomato-dill
C057 Pickle/Spice-tomato-sweet
C058 Pickle/Spice-zucchini-dill
C059 Pickle/Spice-misc. vegetable
C060 Pickle/Spice-misc. fruit
C061 Pickle/Spice-peppers
C062 Pickle/Spice-tomato catsup
C063 Pickle/Spice-dilled beans
C064 Pickle/Spice-misc. chutney
C065 Pickle/Spice-dill relish
C066 Pickle/Spice-sweet relish
C067 Pickle/Spice-misc. relish
C068 Pickle/Spice-chili sauce
C069 Pickle/Spice-misc. sauce
C070 Pickle/Spice-crabapples
C071 Pickle/Spice-sauerkraut
C072 Pickle/Spice-vinegar, homemade
C073 Pickle/Spice-vinegar, herbed
C074 Pickle/Spice-salsa, processed
C075 Pickle/Spice-salsa, refrigerated
C076 Pickle/Spice-slaw
C077 Pickle/Spice-open

Category 6 - Fermented or Brined Products
This class is designed for products that are NOT hot water bath or pressure canner processed. Includes lacto fermented products (using salt, brine, whey, starter culture or SCOBY) for fermenting.

Judging is based upon appearance 40% (even color, uniform pieces and texture, sparkling jar), quality of fruit and vegetables 40% (quality product made in appropriate and food safe conditions, condition of finished product), and complete label including processing method and time/recipe reference 20%.
C200 Fermented Pickle-Vegetable
C201 Fermented Pickle-Fruit
C202 Fermented-Chutney, Relish or Paste
C203 Fermented-Sauerkraut or Kimchi
C204 Fermented-Beverages
C205 Fermented-Yogurt
C206 Fermented-Miscellaneous
C207 Fermented-Open
C208 Fermented Honey

These products must have two-piece lids and be hot-water bathed. Products with paraffin (wax) seals will not be accepted.
Category 1 - Jams and Butters
Jams are fruit pulp and juice with sugar and no distinct form; butters are concentrated fruit pulp, juice, sugar and spice of a smooth consistency. Judging is based on appearance 40% (clarity, color, no foreign substance), consistency 40% (uniformity, smooth, thick, tender), and container 20% (proper head space, perfect seal, complete label including recipe reference, sparkling jar).
C081 Jam-apple butter
C082 Jam-apricot butter
C083 Jam-pear butter
C084 Jam-peach butter
C085 Jam-apricot
C086 Jam-apricot pineapple
C087 Jam-blueberry
C088 Jam-cherry
C089 Jam-peach
C090 Jam-raspberry
C091 Jam-strawberry
C092 Jam-strawberry rhubarb
C093 Jam- mixed fruit
C094 Jam-other fruit
C095 Jam-frozen
C096 Jam-miscellaneous
C097 Jam-open
C098 Jam-wild berry

Category 2 - Jellies
Jelly contains fruit juice, pectin and sugar. It is clear and sparkling and holds firm in place. Judging will be based on texture 40% (tender, firm enough to hold angle when cut, smooth), appearance 40% (clarity, color, no foreign substance) container 20% (proper head space, perfect seal, complete label including recipe reference, sparkling jar).
C101 Jelly-apple
C102 Jelly-blackberry
C103 Jelly-boysenberry
C104 Jelly-chokecherry
C105 Jelly-crabapple
C106 Jelly-currant, black
C107 Jelly-currant, red
C108 Jelly- gooseberry
C109 Jelly-grape
C110 Jelly-mint
C111 Jelly-peach
C112 Jelly-plum
C113 Jelly-raspberry
C114 Jelly-serviceberry
C115 Jelly-mixed fruit
C116 Jelly-syrup
C117 Jelly-syrup open
C118 Jelly-syrup misc.
C119 Jelly-vegetable
C120 Jelly-frozen
C121 Jelly-miscellaneous
C122 Jelly-open

Category 3 - Marmalades and Conserves
Marmalade contains all the fruit except seeds and core, and small pieces of pulp and peel are evenly distributed through a rich, clear, translucent jelly. Although similar to marmalade, conserves are a thicker consistency and usually contain several fruits, nutmeats or raisins.
C126 Marm/Conserve-fruit
C127 Marm/Conserve-mixed fruit
C128 Marm/Conserve-marmalade
C129 Marm/Conserve-vegetable
C130 Marm/Conserve-open

Category 4 - Preserves
Preserves contain small whole fruits or large chunks of fruit or rinds of fruit, pectin, and sugar in a very thick syrup or slightly jellied juice. Judging is based on fruit 30% (distinct pieces of whole fruit in heavy syrup), syrup 30% (bright, clear color), pack 30% (neat fruit well covered with syrup, complete label including recipe reference, sparkling jar) and fruit 10% (clarity, shape, color firmness of texture).
C131 Preserves-berry
C132 Preserves-fruit
C133 Preserves-miscellaneous
C134 Preserves-open
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