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Bake Products

Superintendents: Charlene Barnes, Mary Valora, Janie Jazwick
Premiums: Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Cham- pion ribbons may be awarded in each division and age category.

Display Rules
: Bring food items on sturdy paper plates and/or covered heavy cardboard in a zipper-locked bag for display of food exhibit when possible. See each category for more specific display instructions. Uncut pies must be in a disposable pie pan and uncut. CUPCAKE LINERS ARE ONLY ALLOWED ON CUPCAKES (no exceptions, not even muffins). Breads must be exhibited as a whole loaf. They will be judged on texture (35%), flavor (35%) and appearance (30%).

Breads must be exhibited as a WHOLE LOAF
Category 1 - Quick Breads (no yeast, plate of 4 where applicable)
B001 Quick-baking powder biscuits, (4)
B002 Quick-zucchini bread (loaf )
B003 Quick-fruit bread (loaf )
B004 Quick-banana bread (loaf )
B005 Quick-coffee cake (loaf )
B006 Quick-corn bread or sticks (4 slices)
B007 Quick-muffins (4)
B008 Quick-pumpkin (loaf )
B009 Quick-Tortillas (4)
B010 Quick-special diet
B011 Quick-scones (4)
B012 Quick-other

Category 2 - Sourdough (plate of 4 where applicable)
B016 Sour-bread (loaf )
B017 Sour-cakes
B018 Sour-cookies (4)
B019 Sour-doughnuts (4)
B020 Sour-biscuits (4)
B021 Sour-banana bread (loaf )
B022 Sour-special diet
B023 Sour-open

Category 3 - Yeast (plate of 4 where applicable)
B026 Yeast-loaf white bread
B027 Yeast-loaf whole-wheat bread B028 Yeast-dinner rolls (4)
B029 Yeast-whole wheat-dinner rolls (4)
B030 Yeast-raised doughnuts (4)
B031 Yeast-cinnamon rolls (4)
B032 Yeast-loaf rye bread (loaf )
B033 Yeast-batter yeast bread (loaf )
B034 Yeast-other yeast bread
B035 Yeast-croutons
B036 Yeast-special diet
B037 Yeast-open

Category 4 – Bread Machine Made
B040 BMM White Yeast
B041 BMM Whole Wheat Yeast
B042 BMM Other Yeast

Category 1 - Candies (Four pieces should be submitted on a sturdy paper plate and inserted in a plastic bag.)
B045 Candy-brittles
B046 Candy-divinity
B047 Candy-fudge
B048 Candy-undipped mints
B049 Candy-dipped mints
B050 Candy-dipped candies
B051 Candy-popcorn balls
B052 Candy-other
B053 Candy-special diet
B054 Candy-open

Category 2 - Cookies (Four cookies should be submit- ted on a sturdy paper plate and inserted in a plastic bag.) They will be judged on texture (35%), flavor (35%) and appearance (30%).
B055 Cookies-oatmeal
B056 Cookies-brownies
B057 Cookies-iced brownies
B058 Cookies-chocolate chip drop
B059 Cookies-refrigerator
B060 Cookies-peanut butter
B061 Cookies-sugar
B062 Cookies-unbaked
B063 Cookies-short bread
B064 Cookies-special diet
B065 Cookies-open
B066 Cookies-other

Category 3 - Microwave Baking
B067 Micro-cake
B068 Micro-brownies
B069 Micro-pie
B070 Micro-candy
B071 Micro-quick bread
B072 Micro-muffins
B073 Micro-other
B074 Micro-special diet

Category 4 - Bar Cookies
B075 Bar Cookies-chocolate
B076 Bar Cookies-fruit
B077 Bar Cookies-spice
B078 Bar Cookies-special diet
B079 Bar Cookies-open

Category 5 – Miscellaneous
B080 Misc. Granola Loose
B081 Misc. Granola Bar
B082 Misc. Granola Other

Cakes should be placed on a very firm, disposable surface (foam core, strong cardboard, plywood, particle board, etc.), cut parallel to the shape of the cake and must be 1.5-inches on each side from the base of the border, not the cake. The surface should be covered. Freezer paper is not advised because it absorbs grease. The cake board must be covered with a food safe material, such as aluminum foil. If you use decorative or gift wrap paper or fabric, it must be covered in food quality plastic wrap. Cakes may be frosted or unfrosted. Only one 8-inch or 9- inch layer of a non-decorated cake should be exhibit- ed. Cakes will be scored on texture (35%), flavor (35%), and appearance (30%). Butterless cakes will be judged on flavor (40%), crumbs (40%), appearance (15%), and
texture (5%).

Category 1 - Decorated Cake
Icing may be applied to a non-edible form in all classes with the exception of edible decorated cakes, which must be edible. Decorated cakes are not tasted.
B083 Decorated-any edible
B084 Decorated-birthday
B085 Decorated-special occasion
B086 Decorated-wedding
B087 Decorated-special diet
B088 Decorated-open
B089 Decorated Cupcakes (4 total)

Category 2 - Scratch Cake
B090 Scratch-white/egg only
B091 Scratch-yellow
B092 Scratch-chocolate
B093 Scratch-spice
B094 Scratch-angel food
B095 Scratch-pound
B096 Scratch-butter
B097 Scratch-bundt
B098 Scratch-sponge
B099 Scratch-cheese cake baked
B100 Scratch-cheese cake unbaked
B101 Cupcakes (4 total)
B102 Scratch-other
B103 Scratch-special diet
B104 Scratch-open

Category 3 - Mix Cake (made from a prepackaged mix)
B106 Mix Cake-fruit
B107 Mix Cake-spice
B108 Mix Cake-special diet
B109 Mix Cake-open

Category 4 - Pastry
Pies must be whole in a disposable pan and uncut. Classes will be developed to reflect entries. Refrigeration is available for perishable items. Plate of 4 where applicable.
B110 Pastry-fruit pie
B111 Pastry-cream pie
B112 Pastry-walnut or pecan pie
B113 Lemon Meringue
B114 Pastry-other pie
B115 Pastry-cream puffs
B116 Pastry-maple bars
B117 Pastry-popovers
B118 Pastry-fruit tarts
B119 Pastry-danish
B120 Pastry-cobbler
B121 Pastry-special diet
B122 Pastry-open
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