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Superintendent: Nita Naugle, Rita Herold
Age Groups: Adult/Child Collaboration (3-7), Junior (8-12), Teen (13-19), Adult (20-60), Adult Plus (61-75), Senior (76-84), Senior Plus (85 years and older), Professional (any exhibitor having sold over $300 worth of work, or “professional by trade” unless otherwise specified in divisions), Horizon.

More than one entry per class acceptable.

Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion ribbons may be awarded in each division and age category. Judges may elect to award Honorable Mention ribbons. Only original ideas are classified as art; items made from a kit should be entered as Crafts/Hobbies. Pictures will only be exhibited if they are ready to hang.

Division A
Category 1
A000- Oil Pastels
A001- Chalk Pastels
A002- Chalk
A003- Pencil Drawings- animal
A004- Pencil Drawings- landscape
A005- Pencil Drawing- portrait
A006- Pencil Drawings- open
A007- Charcoals
A008- Colored Pencil- animal
A009- Colored Pencil- landscape
A010- Colored Pencil- open
A011- Pen & Ink
A012- Marker
A013- Crayon
A014- Mixed Media A015- Open

Category 2
A020- Oils- animal
A021- Oils- landscape
A022- Oils- portrait
A023- Oils- open
A024- Watercolor- animal
A025- Watercolor- landscape
A026- Watercolor- portrait
A027- Watercolor- open
A028- Acrylics- animal
A029- Acrylics- landscape
A030- Acrylics- portrait
A031- Acrylics- open
A032- Tempera paint
A033- Spray paint or Airbrush
A034- Open

Category 3
A040- Prints from block/carving/sponge
A041- Prints from fish, leaves, nature
A042- Scratch Board
A043- Collage
A044- Multi-media
A045- Batik -original

Division B
Category 1
A050- Horsehair
A051- Rawhide
A052- Copper & Tin Punch
A053- Basket Weaving
A054- Open

Category 2
A060- Jewelry- bracelets original work
A061- Jewelry- necklaces original work
A062- Jewelry- pendants original work
A063- Jewelry- sets original work
A064- Jewelry- open original work

Category 3
A070- Poetry- original work
A071- Stories- original work
A072- Illustrated poetry or stories
A073- Cards- original work
A074- Art inspired from photo (include reference)
A075- Open

Category 4
A080- String Art
A081- Wood Carving
A082- Wood Burning
A083- Sand
Art A084- Metal Art
A085- Fiber/ Material Art- original
A086- Stained Glass- window
A087- Stained Glass- lamps
A088- Stained Glass- miscellaneous
A089- Open

Category 5
A095- Painting- metal
A096- Painting- wood
A097- Painting – glass
A098- Painting- gourds
A099- Painting- open
A100- Bone & skull- pen and ink
A101- Bone & skull- oil /acrylic
A102- Scrimshaw
A103- Painting on rocks
A104- Open

Division C (3-Dimensional)
Category 1
A110- Sculpture- clay
A111- Sculpture- modeling clay
A112- Sculpture- bread dough
A113- Sculpture- paper
A114- Sculpture- wax
A115- Sculpture- open

Category 2
A120- Sculpture- metal (metal work)
A121- Sculpture- leather
A122- Sculpture- plastic
A123- Sculpture- wood
A124- Sculpture-glass
A125- Sculpture- mixed media
A126- Sculpture-open
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