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2020 Routt County Fair

2020 Routt County Fair Status Update

Routt County Fair Advisory Board
PO Box 1000 / 398 S. Poplar St., Hayden, CO 81639 970-276-3068 (P) ~ 970-816-9568 (M)
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April 09, 2020
RE: 2020 Routt County Fair Status

Greetings, folks! This COVID-19 situation has created many unknowns and questions. One of those is if there will be a 2020 Routt County Fair. While we do not have a definitive answer to that yet, we are working on contingencies and plans. Outlined below is what we do know and how we are moving forward at this point.

April 22 – The Fair Advisory Board will have a meeting to 1) assess the COVID-19 situation and outlook; 2) establish what the 2020 Fair events and activities will be based on sponsorship and advertising funding committed to date and any we “are pretty sure” are coming in. A tentative schedule will be determined at this time.

May 1 – NEW Sponsorship and Advertising deadline. Commitments received by this day will determine funding levels which in-turn determines events and activities at the Fair. This is the make it or break it date for events and activities. If the situation requires the 2020 Fair to be cancelled, ALL sponsorship and advertising monies received will be refunded.

May 13 – DECISION DAY. During the May 13 FAB meeting the board will 1) again asses the current COVID-19 situation, public health orders and recommendations, and outlook along with Routt County direction and based on that information will make a decision to move forward with the Fair or cancel the Fair. The two scenarios are defined below:

  • Scenario #1 - 2020 Routt County Fair is proceeding: FAB will establish exactly where things stand on funding for the 2020 Fair with sponsorships and advertising. Based on that, a schedule and list of events and activities will be finalized and published.
  • Scenario #2 - 2020 Routt County Fair is cancelled: All events and activities with the exception of the Junior Livestock Sale will be cancelled. If public health orders and recommendations still prohibit social gathering during this time, the FAB and Junior Livestock Sale Committee have committed to making this happen virtually.

Questions, concerns, thoughts, something to contribute please contact the fair office via email (info@routtcountyfair.org ) or phone (970.276.3068 office, 970.819.9568 mobile while working remotely).

Please watch our Facebook page and website for updates as they become available.

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