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Date: Aug 12, 2023
Time: 8:00 AM

For information call 970-276-3068. The Outdoor Arena will be closed to any type of riding starting at 6pm Friday until the end of the RCFOHS. Each day after Arena has been worked, please refrain from using. Please use Warm-up Arena only.

High Point Awards in Each age division:

Champion & Reserve Champion

Champion Gymkhana & Reserve Champion Gymkhana

Champion & Reserve Halter, Grand & Reserve English/Western

Age Groups (as of January 1, 2023)

8 & Under

9 - 13

14 - 19


Junior Horse (Horse 5 years & under)

Entry Information: Entries will be accepted up to eight (8) hours prior to the show start.

You can enter online at under the Events tab and under the Open Competition/Contests tab. You can also mail entries with payment to: RCF OPEN HORSE SHOW, PO Box 1000, Hayden, CO 81639 or stop by the Fair Office to register.

Entry Fees & Rules: $5 per Halter class, $10 per Riding class. Refunds given only with a Doctor’s note or Veterinarian note presented prior to start of show. Class scratches/changes must be made in the morning prior to the start of the show. All fees must accompany entry form.

Stall Information and Fees: Stalls are limited! Reserve yours early. Horse stalls - $10 per stall per day. You can reserve your stall by visiting under Facilities and Covered Horse Stalls. You can also call the Routt County Fairgrounds office at 970-276- 3068 or stop by the Fair Office. Please BRING YOUR OWN SHAVINGS. Straw is not allowed. This includes 4H’ers participating in the Open Horse Show!

4-H YOUTH: If you are participating in the Open Horse Show you must pay for your stall during the RCFOHS. Your stalls for the 4-H shows do not require payment but you do need to pay for stalls for the RCFOHS. You must sign up for an Open Horse Show stall separate from the 4-H Horse Show.

General Rules and Regulations: Colorado 4-H Horse Rule Book & AQHA Rules Apply. Management will combine classes if there are two or fewer entries. Ribbons 1st thru 6th place. Points awarded through 6th place. Must show in a minimum of three events to qualify for High Point awards. (Example: for Western high point show in Showmanship, Western Pleasure, Western Horsemanship, Reining, Western riding, and or Trail.)

Points are figured on contestant/horse team. If entering more than one horse, each horse will receive its own number.

Points given 1st= 6pts, 2nd =5pts, 3rd=4pts, 4th=3 pts, 5th= 2 pts, and 6th = 1 pt. respectively. Ties will be broken by contestant/horse team that earned points in the greatest number of events. Age is as of January 1, 2021. Halters can be used per breed of Horse for halter classes. Stallions are prohibited in the youth division. Halter classes DO NOT count toward High Point Awards. The gate will close for each class three minutes after the class is called into the arena. Under no circumstances may an exhibitor, parent, or spectator badger, insult or be argumentative with a judge, show secretary, ring steward or the show management. Any flagrant display may result in the exclusion of the exhibitor from competition and forfeiture of awards or expulsion from the show grounds for the person and/or exhibitor. Only members of the show staff are allowed in the announcer’s booth. At any time while in the arena or on the fairgrounds a rider may be disqualified and or excused from the arena for abusing their horse, unsportsmanlike conduct, lack of control, or any unsafe situations for either themselves or others.

Routt County Fair Open Horse Show Gymkhana additional rules: 4-H RULES APPLY; it is mandatory that

HELMETS MUST BE WORN by contestants under 18 when participating in the gymkhana.

You will be disqualified and receive a no-time for the following:

1. Breaking pattern.

2. Breaking the timer during your run.

3. Dropping the flag during the flag race, knocking the bucket/barrel over or hitting your horse with the flag.

4. Excessive punishment of a horse at any time shall result in disqualification for the duration of the Gymkhana.

At any time while in the arena or on the Fairgrounds a rider may be disqualified and or excused from the Arena for abusing their horse, unsportsmanlike conduct, lack of control, or any unsafe situations for either themselves or others. Due to safety, running horses through the entry/exit gate will not be allowed. Violators may, or may not, be given a warning before being disqualified, depending on the severity of the violation. When entering and exiting the Arena, contestants must have their horse under control and proceed at a walk through the entry/exit gate(s). No spectators, horses, or riders shall stand within 30 feet of the entry gate, except the gatekeeper. This area is for horses entering and exiting the Arena. The only horse /rider allowed in the waiting area is that age group that is competing at that time. Contestants are allowed some assistance when entering the Arena, providing it is accomplished in a safe manner. Parents or guardians need to assist their children. It is NOT the RCFOHS staff’s responsibility to assist contestants. Excessive force or time will not be permitted. The current rider up must enter the Arena within 60 seconds of being called or forfeit his/her turn. Riders may circle once in the Arena before making their run. Only members of the Gymkhana/Show staff are allowed in the announcer’s booth.

In case of a timer failure on a good qualified run, the contestant will be given a re-ride. The contestant can run again immediately or choose to run the re-ride at the end of their age group.

Halter Classes:

Weanling Stallion

Yearling Stallion

2 year old Stallions

3 year old Stallions

4 year old Stallions

Aged Stallions

Yearling Gelding

2-5 year old Geldings

6 and older Geldings

Weanling Mares

Yearling Mares

2-5 year old Mares

6 and older Mares

English Classes :

Junior Hunter Seat Equitation (Horse 5 & under)

Hunter Seat Equitation open

Hunter Seat Equitation 14-19

Hunter Seat Equitation 9-13

Hunter Seat Equitation 8 & under

Junior Hunter Under Saddle (Horse 5 & under)

Hunter Under Saddle open

Hunter Under Saddle 14-19

Hunter Under Saddle 9-13

Hunter Under Saddle 8 & under

Junior Hunter Hack (Horse 5 years & under)

Hunter Hack Open

Hunter Hack 14-19

Hunter Hack 9-13

Hunter Hack 8 & under

15 Minute Tack Break

Western Classes:

Leadline Child 5 and under

Walk Trot

Junior Western Pleasure (Horse 5 years & younger)

Western Pleasure Open

Western Pleasure 14-19

Western Pleasure 9-13

Western Pleasure 8 and Under

30 Minute Lunch Break

Junior Horsemanship (Horse 5 & Under)

Western Horsemanship open

Western Horsemanship 14-19

Western Horsemanship 9-13

Western Horsemanship 8 and Under

Junior Reining (Horse 5 Years & under)

Western Reining open

Western Reining 14-19

Western Reining 9-13

Western Reining 8 and under

Junior Western Riding (Horse 5 Years & Under)

Western Riding Open

Western Riding 14-19

Western Riding 9-13

Western Riding 8 and under

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