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Open Barrel Race

Date: Aug 21, 2022
Time: 12:00 PM
Superintendent: Tina Decker, Kaitlyn Hayes General Barrel

Racing Rules: Accepted NBHA barrel racing practices will govern. A “no time” will be given to the contestant if they break the clover-leaf pattern or knock over a barrel. A run with penalties will be treated as a “no time.” Contestants should be ready to compete when their name is called. If a contestant is not present when their name is called, they will receive two additional gate calls and will then receive a “no time.” If a contestant is present, but fails to start the clock within 60 seconds of their first gate call, they will receive a “no time.” Electronic timers shall be used. In the event of a timer failure; the contestant will be given a re- run at the end of the draw.
Inhumane, cruel or abusive treatment of a horse at this event will not be tolerated. This will include, but is not limited to, excessive use of a bat, crop, whip, or rope in front of the cinch, use of an electric prod, or use of unacceptable drugs. Any attempt to fix or throw a barrel race will not be tolerated. Any harassment or argumentative- ness with a show official may be warrant for disqualification. Any misconduct, including but not limited to those items listed above, shall be brought to the attention of the Routt County Fair Advisory Board for consideration and appropriate action. Appropriate action may include removal from the Routt County fairgrounds, fines, loss of awards/money or expulsion.

3-D Barrel Race: Entry fee Youth (18 and under), $30, Open, $40.NO EXHIBITIONS. Payment and waivers must be completed at Fair Office.

Entries open August 11th at 1pm. Entries close August 12th and 9pm. To enter: email, text, or call or 970-846-8022.
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