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Open/4-H Ranch Horse Versatility

Date: Aug 13, 2021
Time: 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
August 13 starting at 8am at the Routt County Fairgrounds

RHV Registration are due by August 5 or when FULL.
We will accept no more than 35 entries.
Entries and fees can be sent to:
Routt County 4-H
PO Box 772830, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477, Fax 970-870-5383
For questions regarding registration call Tami Eggers 970-879-0825

• Our RHV judge is Tom Sharp.
• All rules will be followed in accordance with the current Colorado State 4-H Horse Show Rulebook 2021.
• 4-H Youth - To participate all 4-H youth need to have passed their 4-H Western level 1 & 2 written and riding testing and Ranch Horse Versatility Riding Test Level Two.
• 4-H members – to be eligible for the open show awards you will need to register and pay the open show fees of $100.
• 4-H youth have to register through FairEntry to compete for 4-H.
• Open Youth (Routt County 4-H youth will be placed and awards will be given through the Routt County 4-H Extension office. Youth must designate if they are Routt County 4-H.)
• It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian of the 4-H member to see that the headgear worn complies with such standards and is in good condition. The state 4-H office encourages the use of ASTM certified/SEI approved safety helmets in all equine events. Use of protective headgear is encouraged and shall not be discriminated against. Helmets are highly recommended for youth in all events while on or off the horse. This decision will be left to the parent/guardian’s discretion in classes where helmets are not required.

• General Working Ranch Horse Rules:
• Hoof polish is not required or recommended.
• No braided or banded manes or tail extensions.
• Trimming inside ears is discouraged.
• Trimming bridle path is allowed, also trimming of fetlocks or excessive (long) facial hair.
• Equipment with silver should not count over a good working outfit. Silver on bridles and saddles is discouraged.
• Showmanship -- Horses are to be shown in a good working halter: rope, braided, nylon or plain leather.
• Youth/adults must use the same horse in all Working Ranch
• If you need a stall during the RHV show please contact Jill Delay at 970-276-3068.

Classes: We will be doing a combination of the below classes based on the judge’s discretion.
• Cutting
• Individual Cow Work
• Ranch Riding
• Ranch Trail
• Ranch Showmanship
• Age groups for Working Ranch Horse classes: Age divisions may be changed depending on the entrants.
• Youth: 18 and under as of Jan. 1, 2021
• Adult
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