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Open Horse Show/Gymkhana

Date: Aug 14, 2022
Time: 9:00 AM


Tina Decker, Jeremy Decker
Gymkhana Events
Cowboy hat not required for speed events, 4-H rules apply
and pattern sizes except for barrels. Barrels will be a high
school rodeo pattern. In accordance with Colorado 4-H
rules: Youth 18 & under must wear a helmet when participating
in a Gymkhana event.
Routt County Fair Open Horse Show Gymkhana additional
rules: You will be disqualified and receive a no-time for the
following: 1. Breaking pattern. 2. Breaking the Timer during
your run. 3. during the flag race: Dropping the flag during
the flag race, knocking the bucket/barrel over or hitting your
horse with the flag. 4. Excessive punishment of a horse at
any time shall result in disqualification for the duration of
the Gymkhana. At any time while in the arena or on the
fairgrounds a rider may be disqualified and or excused from
the arena for abusing their horse, unsportsmanlike conduct,
lack of control or any unsafe situations for either themselves
or for others.
Due to safety running horses through the entry/exit gate
will not be allowed. Violators may, or may not, be given a
warning before being disqualified, depending on the severity
of the violation. When entering and exiting the arena,
contestants must have their horse under control and proceed
at a walk through the entry/exit gate(s) No spectator, horses
or riders shall stand within 30 feet of the entry gate, except
the gate keeper. This area is for horses entering and exiting
the arena. The only horse /riders allowed in the waiting area
is that age group that is competing at that time.
Contestants are allowed some assistance when entering the
arena, providing it is accomplished in a safe manner. Parents
or guardians need to assist their children. It is NOT the
RCFOHS staff’s responsibility to assist contestants. Excessive
force or time will not be permitted. The current rider
up must enter the arena within 60 seconds of being called
or forfeit his/her turn. Riders may circle once in the arena
before making their run. Only members of the Gymkhana/
show staff are allowed in the announcer’s booth. In case of a
timer failure on a good qualified run, the contestant will be
given a re-ride. The contestant can run again immediately or
choose to run the re-ride at the end of their age group.
In the event of a tie, the tie will be broken by the fastest
combined time of all the Gymkhana events entered by that
rider/horse in the given age group.
Western and gymkhana high point awards follow conclusion
of show.

Barrel Racing 50 and older
Barrel Racing open
Barrel Racing 14-19
Barrel Racing 9-13
Barrel Racing 8 and under

Pole Bending 50 and older
Pole Bending open
Pole Bending 14-19
Pole Bending 9-13
Pole Bending 8 and under

Stake Race 50 and older
Stake Race open
Stake Race 14-19
Stake Race 9-13
Stake Race 8 and under

Award Ceremony takes place inside the Exhibit Hall
30 minutes following the completion of the gymkhana.
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Decker Family
Hayden Granary
Bratton Enterprises Inc.
Klein Nielson-4N Services LLC
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