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Youth Bull Riding

Date: Aug 17, 2019
Immediately follows Mini Broncs (OA)
Sponsor: Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply
Superintendent: Don Hayes
Entry Fee: $25. There are two groups of Junior Bull Riders: Ages 8-11 and Ages 12-18. Space is limited to the first riders that sign up and pay the $25 entry fee. Your spot is not reserved until a parent or legal guardian signs the waiver in person at the fair office and pays the entry fee. Buckle awarded to the winner.

Rules/Requirements: Protective helmets and vests provided. Mouthpieces are recommended and must be provided by contestants. Participants can bring their own equipment and are encouraged to do so. Riders cannot touch the animal with their free arm or they are DQed, no wraps, gloves may be worn to help hold on the braided bucking rope strap, no sharp rowls on spurs and rowls must have turn movement. Time starts when rider nods and the shoulder of animal breaks plane of gate. There is no mark out rule. Riders may only ride with one hand

PARTICIPANTS MUST SIGN UP IN PERSON WITH A PARENT AT THE FAIR OFFICE DURING THE WEEK OF FAIR. Entries close when full or Friday at noon. Participants and at least one parent must show up at the secretary’s office (below the south crows nest) no later than 11am on Saturday.


Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply
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