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Open Poultry Show (immediately follows 4-H Show)

Date: Aug 14, 2019
No exhibitor may have more than two entries in a class. Classes may be added for an unlisted breed. A class consists of: one old pen, one young pen, one single cockerel, one single pullet, one cock (one year or more), one hen (one year or more). Open Poultry exhibits (except for 4-H minis) are brought the day of the show and taken home. They are not caged at the fairgrounds. Birds may NOT compete in both 4-H and Open Shows.

Birds may not compete in both single and pen classes. Pigeon pair entries must be the same breed.
The following definitions govern entries:
Cock - male bird more than one year
Cockerel - male bird less than a year
Hen - female bird more than one year
Pullet - female bird less than a year
Young Pen - one cockerel and two pullets
Ducks & Geese young (one year and under)
Ducks & Geese old (over one year)

Open Poultry Classes:
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