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Home Arts Check-in

Date: Aug 14, 2019


Bear River Valley Co-op
Cook Chevrolet, Subaru & Ford
Yampa Valley Electric Association
Town of Hayden
Rapid Care Steamboat
Only Routt County residents are eligible.

Sponsors: Bear River Valley Co-op; Cook Chevrolet & Subaru, & Ford; Rapid Care Steamboat; Town of Hayden; Yampa Valley Electric Association
Superintendent: Linda Long

Age groups, classes and divisions can be changed at the discretion of the superintendent.

Age Group Divisions (not all age groups are available in each class), must be designated on the entry blank:
Mommy/Daddy & Me (3-7)
Junior (8-12)
Teen (13-19)
Adult (20-60)
Adult Plus (61-75)
Senior (76-84)
Senior Plus (85 years and older)
Professional (any exhibitor having sold over $300 worth of work, or professional by trade unless otherwise specified in divisions)

ENTRY and RELEASE RULES: Unless otherwise specified under the appropriate Division throughout the Fair book, ENTRIES WILL BE RELEASED SUNDAY, AUGUST 18, FROM 2-6 PM ONLY. Department Superintendents will accept, enter and place exhibits. Tag receipts MUST be presented during checkout time (2-6 pm ONLY). Failure to abide by the rules will disqualify an entry. Violators will be evicted.

Please use a separate entry tag for each item. Exhibitors may compete in as many classes as desired. Articles must be exhibited under the name of the maker who must currently live in Routt County and never have exhibited the same item in a previous Fair. Products exhibited in field crops, flowers, baked, canned, farm and dried products must have been grown or prepared locally during the current calendar year; clothing, needlework, crafts/hobbies and art must have been completed in the past year. Special classes may be created at the discretion of the superintendents and judges may combine championship categories. Judges decisions are final.

Specific departmental guidelines, rules, and display requirements must be adhered to or the entry will be automatically disqualified.
Eligibility: All home arts exhibits are open to Routt County residents only (Routt County second-home owners are considered residents and are eligible). No exceptions.

Premiums: First-place receives a premium of $1. Ribbons are awarded in each Division for first (blue), second (red), third place (white) and honorable mention, Champion and Reserve Champion, Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion. Some departments have special awards; please refer to specific departments for details. After 6pm on Sunday all premiums are forfeited.

“I have some potatoes I want to enter in the Fair.
How do I do that?”
  1. Look in the Fair book under Vegetables & Crops. Read the rules and decide what age group you fit in and make sure you meet the exhibition requirements (plate, bag, etc.).
  2. Then within Vegetables & Crops look for the Potato section and decide which category your potatoes fit in. Are they red, white, russet, sweet, etc. Make sure you read any special instructions for exhibiting your particular potato (most potato categories require four potatoes on a plate).
  3. Then, on Wednesday, August 14, sometime between 1pm and 8pm bring your potatoes and information to the Routt County Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall in Hayden.
  4. When you walk in the building find the Vegetables & Crops department, there will be plenty of people to help you. Meet with the Superintendent of Vegetables & Crops, give her your potatoes and fill out the entry tag. Judging is Thursday, August 15. Routt County has open judging which means you are welcome and encouraged to be present and watch the judges at work! Ribbons and placings will be displayed as soon as the judge is finished on Thursday.
  5. On Sunday, August 18 between 2 and 6 pm (not before and not after) you should pick up your potatoes, ribbon and premium, if any, (blue ribbons get $1). AFTER 6PM ALL PREMIUMS ARE FORFEITED. All items left after 6pm on Sunday without prior arrangements, become property of the Routt County Fair and may be disposed of as the fairgrounds does not have storage space for such items.
Superintendents Award: An award will be given to the most outstanding exhibit in the Exhibit Hall. It can be from any department and any age group.

Helen Sherrod Outstanding Home Artist Award: An award will be given to the adult or senior exhibitor who acquires the largest number of Blue, Champion and Reserve Champion Ribbons in the Home Arts Exhibits.
2018 Winner – Nancy Mucklow

Judges Choice Award: One Judges Choice Award per department. Simply, the judge’s favorite entry.
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