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Baled Hay Contest

Date: Aug 05, 2019
Superintendent: Todd Hagenbuch
The baled hay contest is based on laboratory analysis only. The type of bale is not important. DO NOT BRING YOUR HAY TO THE FAIRGROUNDS. To enter, contact the CSU Routt County Extension office by 5pm on Monday, August 5 at (970) 879-0825.
An Extension agent will make arrangements to visit your location and pull a sample of your hay. Hay must have been grown in Routt County during the 2019 growing season.Placings will be calculated and posted at the Fair during Fair week. Entrants will receive a copy of their own test results.

Entry cost is $30 per sample (to offset the cost of analysis). First place in each category receives their entry fee back.


BH001 Grass- Irrigated
BH002 Grass- Dryland
BH003 Alfalfa- 1st Cutting
BH004 Alfalfa- 2nd Cutting
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