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4-H/FFA Poultry Show

Date: Aug 14, 2019
Time: 8:00 AM
Superintendents: Roger & Nancy Muhme, Diane

BBQ Special Chickens (3 same sex & breed)
Standard Chicken
Game Birds
BBQ Special Turkeys (pair of same sex and breed)
Meat Pen Ducks (Pair of same sex and breed)
Meat Pen Geese (pair of same sex and breed)

Birds may not compete in both single and pen/market classes. Pair and Pen entries must be the same breed and variety. Birds may not compete in both the 4-H and Open Shows. After check-in on Tuesday, all 4-H/FFA birds must remain at the fairgrounds until Sunday unless released by Superintendent for cause. Checkout is
Sunday by noon.

All birds will be leg banded for the purposes of identification and judging. Do not enter birds that have been vaccinated for a contagious disease within 30 days of fair. All birds must be clean and healthy. Birds suffering from any disease or parasite will be refused entry.

Classes will be set according to the American Poultry Association show rules for the following species: Chicken, Bantam, Game Birds, Turkeys, Geese and Ducks. Pens and pairs will also be allowed.

The following definitions govern entries:
Cock, Old Gander, Old Tom, Old Drake – male bird more than one year
Cockerel, Young Gander, Young Tom, Young Drake – male bird less than one year
Hen, Old Goose, Old Hen, Old Duck – female bird more than one year
Pullet, Young Goose, Young Hen, Young Duck – female bird less than one year
Pen – one male chicken and two female chickens of the same breed and variety (chickens only)
Pair – one male bird and one female bird of the same breed and variety (not chickens)
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4-H/FFA Poultry Show
Aug 14, 2019 | 8:00 AM
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