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Open Horse Show

Saturday, August 12th 8:30 AM

6pm (OA)
Superintendents: Kaylee Mondragon, Aleigh Aurin,
Western and Dressage Jackpot with 75% payback
Entry fee $25 if received by August 1, $35 if received August 2-7. No entries accepted after August 7.
Freestyle reining is a competition for horses where the riders guide the horses through a precise pattern of circles, spins, and stops. This competition is fun for all ages where the rider chooses a song and costume for rider and horse. The rider designs a reining pattern to go with their music. This is open to English and western riders of all ages.
If entries allow the divisions will be separated into adult and youth western and English, 19 and under as of January 1, 2017.
Scoring: creativity/costume/pattern = 40 points, Leads/lead line changes, 6 ads = 25 points, Stops, backing, spins = 35 points all for a total of 100 points possible.
Please call 970-326-3484 with any questions.


W1. Showmanship 50 & Older
W2. Showmanship 20-49
W3. Showmanship 14-19
W4. Showmanship 9-13

W5. Showmanship 8 & Under

H1. Weanling Class (fillies & colts)
H2. 2 6 Yr. Old Geldings

H3. 6 & Older Gelding
H4. 2 6 Yr. old Mares
H5. 6 & Older Mares
Grand & Reserve Overall Champion

E1. Hunter Hack 20 & Older
E2. Hunter Hack 14-19

E3. Hunter Hack 9-13
E4. Hunter Hack 8 & Under
E5. Hunter Seat Equitation 20 & Older
E6. Hunter Seat Equitation 14-19

E7. . Hunter Seat Equitation 9-13
E8. . Hunter Seat Equitation 8 & Under
E9. Hunter Under Saddle 20 & Over
E10. Hunter Under Saddle 14-19
E11. Hunter Under Saddle 9-13

E12. Hunter Under Saddle 8 & Under


1. Lead Line 8 & Under
2. Walk Trot 8 & Under

W6. Western Pleasure 50 & Older
W7. Western Pleasure 20-49

W8. Western Pleasure 14-19
W9. Western Pleasure 9-13
W10. Western Pleasure 8 & Under
W11. Western Horsemanship 50 & Older
W12. Western Horsemanship 20-49
W13. Western Horsemanship 14-19

W14. Western Horsemanship 9-13
W15. Western Horsemanship 8 & Under

Sunday, August 13th 8:30 AM

W16. Reining 50 & Over
W17. Reining 20-49

W18. Reining 14-19
W19. Reining 9-13 W20. Reining 8 & Under
W21. Western Riding 50 & Over
W22. Western Riding 20-49
W23. Western Riding 14-19
W24. Western Riding 9-13
W25. Western Riding 8 & Under


G1. Barrel Racing 50 & Over
G2. Barrel Racing 20 49
G3. Barrel Racing 14 19

G4 Barrel Racing 9 13
G5. Barrel Racing 8 & Under
G6. Pole Bending 50 & Over
G7. Pole Bending 20 49

G8. Pole Bending 14 19
G9. Pole Bending 9 13
G10. Pole Bending 8 & Under
G11. Stake Race 50 & Over G12. Stake Race 20 49 G13. Stake Race 14 19 G14. Stake Race 9 13 G15. Stake Race 8 & Under



  • Age is as of January 1st, 2017
  • High Point Awards – each discipline
    1 Rider and 1 Horse
    English Classes E1 - E12
    Western Classes W1 – W25
    Gymkhana Classes G1 – G15
  • Entries
    • Entries will not be allowed day of show o Entries postmarked by August 1st willnot receive a late fee
    • Entries will be allowed until August 7thwith a $10.00 late Fee and must be hand delivered
    • $5.00 for Halter Classes
    • $8.00 for Riding Classes and Showmanship
    • One Time Office Fee of $10.00 per person (unless in the walk trot or lead line classes only)
    • No Refunds unless doctor note or vet release is presented before show starts o Class Scratches changes must be made morning prior to start of show
    • All fees must accompany entry form and all fees bust be paid in full prior to the show starting
  • There will be absolutely no riding arena once the RCF Open Horse starts Friday night if riding in arena participant will be penalized
  • All Around Awards will be given out Sunday after the show is completed
  • As per 4 H rules it will be at the discretion of the Judge as to the height of the jumps in regards to overall safety for the contestants
  • Halter: AQHA Rules
  • All other classes: Colorado 4 H Rules Apply
  • Stake Race is 4 H Rule Option #1
  • Barrel Racing Pattern will be the National HighSchool Rodeo Barrel Racing Pattern
  • Western & English attire are required for the English Performance classes and Western Pleasures classes
  • No Dress code for the Gymkhana but clothing needs to be appropriate and kids under 18 needs to wear a helmet
  • All class changes need to be made at the time of check in no changing of classes will happen once show starts
  • Good sportsmanship is asked if an participant or parent is asked if any inappropriate behavior or un sportsmanship actions to others or animals, they will be asked to leave the show. This is a fun show for all ages.


Pre-Entry are required Postmarked due by August 1st

Entries allowed with late fee no later than August 7th with a late fee