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Home Arts (Exhibition Hall)

wednesday, august 15, 1-8pm (EH)
Only Routt County residents are eligible.



Cook Chevrolet, Subaru and Ford, Mountain West Insurance and Financial Services, Peabody Twenty Mile Mine, Town of Hayden, Steamboat Ace Hardware


EXHIBITS ARE ONLY RELEASED ON SUNDAY FROM 2-6pm. Age groups, classes and divisions can be changed at the discretion of the superintendent. Age Group Divisions (not all age groups are available in each class), must be designated on the entry blank:

Mommy/Daddy & Me (3-7)
Junior (8-12)
Teen (13-19)
Adult (20-60)
Adult Plus (61-75)
Senior (76-84)
Senior Plus (85 years and older)
Professional (any exhibitor having sold over $300 worth of work, or professional by trade unless otherwise specified in divisions)
ENTRY and RELEASE RULES: Unless otherwise specified under the appropriate Division throughout the Fair book, ENTRIES WILL BE RELEASED SUNDAY, AUGUST 19, FROM 2-6 PM ONLY. Department Superintendents will accept, enter and place exhibits. Tag receipts MUST be presented during checkout time (2-6 pm ONLY). Failure to abide by the rules will disqualify an entry. Violators will be evicted.

Please use a separate entry tag for each item. Exhibitors may compete in as many classes as desired. Articles must be exhibited under the name of the maker who must currently live in Routt County and never have exhibited the same item in a previous Fair. Products exhibited in field crops, flowers, baked, canned, farm and dried products must have been grown or prepared locally during the current calendar year; clothing, needlework, crafts/hobbies and art must have been completed in the past year. Special classes may be created at the discretion of the superintendents and judges may combine championship categories. Judges decisions are final.

Specific departmental guidelines, rules, and display requirements must be adhered to or the entry will be automatically disqualified.

Eligibility: All home arts exhibits are open to Routt County residents only (Routt County second-home owners are considered residents and are eligible). No exceptions.

Premiums: First-place receives a premium of $1. Ribbons are awarded in each Division for first (blue), second (red), third place (white) and honorable mention, Champion and Reserve Champion, Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion. Some departments have special awards; please refer to specific departments for details. After 6pm on Sunday all premiums are forfeited.

“I have some potatoes I want to enter in the Fair.
How do I do that?”
Look in the Fair book under Vegetables & Crops. Read the rules and decide what age group you fit in and make sure you meet the exhibition requirements (plate, bag, etc.). Then within Vegetables & Crops look for the Potato section and decide which category your potatoes fit in. Are they red, white, russet, sweet, etc. Make sure you read any special instructions for exhibiting your particular potato (most potato categories require four potatoes on a plate).

Then, on Wednesday, August 15, sometime between 1pm and 8pm bring your potatoes and information to the Routt County Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall in Hayden. When you walk in the building find the Vegetables & Crops department, there will be plenty of people to help you. Meet with the Superintendent of Vegetables & Crops, give her your potatoes and fill out the entry tag.

Judging is Thursday, August 16. Routt County has open judging which means you are welcome and encouraged to be present and watch the judges at work! Ribbons and placings will be displayed as soon as the judge is finished on Thursday.

On Sunday, August 19 between 2 and 6 pm (not before and not after) you should pick up your potatoes, ribbon and premium, if any, (blue ribbons get $1). AFTER 6PM ALL PREMIUMS ARE FORFEITED. All items left after 6pm on Sunday without prior arrangements, become property of the Routt County Fair and may be disposed of as the fairgrounds does not have storage space for such items.

Superintendents Award: An award will be given to the most outstanding exhibit in the Exhibit Hall. It can be from any department and any age group.

Helen Sherrod Outstanding Home Artist Award: An award will be given to the adult or senior exhibitor who acquires the largest number of Blue, Champion and Reserve Champion Ribbons in the Home Arts Exhibits.
Judges Choice Award: One Judges Choice Award per department. Simply, the judge’s favorite entry.

Superintendent: Nita Naugle, Rita Herold
Age Groups: Mommy/Daddy & Me, 1-4 years, 5-7 years, Junior, Teen, Adult, Adult Plus, Senior, Senior Plus, Pro. 2 entries/numbered category

Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion ribbons may be awarded in each division and age category. Judges may elect to award Honorable Mention ribbons. Only original ideas are classified as art; items made from a kit should be entered as Crafts/Hobbies. Pictures will only be exhibited if they are ready to hang.

Division A
Class 1
A000- Oil Pastels
A001- Chalk Pastels
A002- Chalk
A003- Pencil Drawings- animal
A004- Pencil Drawings- landscape
A005- Pencil Drawing- portrait
A006- Pencil Drawings- open
A007- Charcoals
A008- Colored Pencil- animal
A009- Colored Pencil- landscape
A010- Colored Pencil- open
A011- Pen & Ink
A012- Marker
A013- Crayon
A014- Mixed Media
A015- Open

Class 2
A020- Oils- animal
A021- Oils- landscape
A022- Oils- portrait
A023- Oils- open
A024- Watercolor- animal
A025- Watercolor- landscape
A026- Watercolor- portrait
A027- Watercolor- open
A028- Acrylics- animal
A029- Acrylics- landscape
A030- Acrylics- portrait
A031- Acrylics- open
A032- Tempera paint
A033- Spray paint or Airbrush
A034- Open

Class 3
A040- Prints from block/carving/sponge
A041- Prints from fish, leaves, nature
A042- Scratch Board
A043- Collage
A044- Multi-media
A045- Batik -original

Division B
Class 1
A050- Horsehair
A051- Rawhide
A052- Copper & Tin Punch
A053- Basket Weaving
A054- Open

Class 2
A060- Jewelry- bracelets original work
A061- Jewelry- necklaces original work
A062- Jewelry- pendants original work
A063- Jewelry- sets original work
A064- Jewelry- open original work

Class 3
A070- Poetry- original work
A071- Stories- original work
A072- Illustrated poetry or stories
A073- Cards- original work
A074- Art inspired from photo (include reference)
A075- Open

Class 4
A080- String Art
A081- Wood Carving
A082- Wood Burning
A083- Sand Art
A084- Metal Art
A085- Fiber/ Material Art- original
A086- Stained Glass- window
A087- Stained Glass- lamps
A088- Stained Glass- miscellaneous
A089- Open
Class 5
A095- Painting- metal
A096- Painting- wood
A097- Painting - glass
A098- Painting- gourds
A099- Painting- open
A100- Bone & skull- pen and ink
A101- Bone & skull- oil /acrylic
A102- Scrimshaw
A103- Open

Division C (3-Dimensional)
Class 1
A110- Sculpture- clay
A111- Sculpture- modeling clay
A112- Sculpture- bread dough
A113- Sculpture- paper
A114- Sculpture- wax
A115- Sculpture- open

Class 2
A120- Sculpture- metal (metal work)
A121- Sculpture- leather
A122- Sculpture- plastic
A123- Sculpture- wood
A124- Sculpture-glass
A125- Sculpture- mixed media
A126- Sculpture-open

Superintendents: Charlene Barnes, Mary Valora, Jennifer Valora
Age Groups: Junior, Teen, Adult, Adult Plus, Senior, Senior Plus, Pro. Mommy/Daddy & Me division for cookies, brownies, cupcakes and decorated cakes ONLY. 2 entries/numbered category

Premiums: Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion ribbons may be awarded in each division and age category.

Display Rules: Baked products must be submitted on a white paper plate IN A SEALABLE, PLAIN PLASTIC BAG; quick breads and cakes must be on foil-lined board (cover cardboard with aluminum foil), NO PANS! Uncut pies must be in the pan and uncut. CUPCAKE LINERS ARE ONLY ALLOWED ON CUPCAKES (no exceptions, not even muffins). Breads must be exhibited as a whole loaf. They will be judged on texture (35%), flavor (35%) and appearance (30%).

Breads must be exhibited as a WHOLE LOAF

CLASS 1 - Quick Breads (plate of 6 where applicable, must be on foil and uncut)
B001 Quick-baking powder biscuits
B002 Quick-zucchini bread
B003 Quick-fruit bread
B004 Quick-banana bread
B005 Quick-coffee cake
B006 Quick-corn bread or sticks
B007 Quick-muffins
B008 Quick-pumpkin
B009 Quick-Tortillas
B010 Quick-special diet
B011 Quick-scones
B012 Quick-other

CLASS 2 - Sourdough (plate of 6 where applicable)
B016 Sour-bread
B017 Sour-cakes
B018 Sour-cookies
B019 Sour-doughnuts
B020 Sour-biscuits
B021 Sour-banana bread
B022 Sour-special diet
B023 Sour-open

CLASS 3 - Yeast (plate of 6 where applicable)
B026 Yeast-loaf white bread
B027 Yeast-loaf whole-wheat bread
B028 Yeast-dinner rolls
B029 Yeast-whole wheat-dinner rolls
B030 Yeast-raised doughnuts
B031 Yeast-cinnamon rolls
B032 Yeast-loaf rye bread
B033 Yeast-batter yeast bread
B034 Yeast-other yeast bread
B035 Yeast-croutons
B036 Yeast-special diet
B037 Yeast-open
CLASS 4 – Bread Machine Made
B040 BMM White Yeast
B041 BMM Whole Wheat Yeast
B042 BMM Other Yeast

CLASS 1 - Candies (Six pieces should be submitted on a paper plate and inserted in a plastic bag.)
B045 Candy-brittles
B046 Candy-divinity
B047 Candy-fudge
B048 Candy-undipped mints
B049 Candy-dipped mints
B050 Candy-dipped candies
B051 Candy-popcorn balls
B052 Candy-other
B053 Candy-special diet
B054 Candy-open

CLASS 2 - Cookies (Six cookies should be submitted on a paper plate and inserted in a plastic bag.) They will be judged on texture (35%), flavor (35%) and appearance (30%).
B055 Cookies-oatmeal
B056 Cookies-brownies
B057 Cookies-iced brownies
B058 Cookies-chocolate chip drop
B059 Cookies-refrigerator
B060 Cookies-peanut butter
B061 Cookies-sugar
B062 Cookies-unbaked
B063 Cookies-pet treats
B064 Cookies-short bread
B065 Cookies-special diet
B066 Cookies-open

CLASS 3 - Microwave Baking
B067 Micro-cake
B068 Micro-brownies
B069 Micro-pie
B070 Micro-candy
B071 Micro-quick bread
B072 Micro-muffins
B073 Micro-other
B074 Micro-special diet

CLASS 4 - Bar Cookies
B075 Bar Cookies-chocolate
B076 Bar Cookies-fruit
B077 Bar Cookies-spice
B078 Bar Cookies-special diet
B079 Bar Cookies-open

CLASS 5 – Miscellaneous
B080 Misc. Granola Loose
B081 Misc. Granola Bar
B082 Misc. Granola Other

Cakes may be frosted or unfrosted and on a foil-lined board. Only one 8-inch or 9- inch layer of a butter cake should be exhibited. Cakes will be scored on texture (35%), flavor (35%), and appearance (30%). Butterless cakes will be judged on flavor (40%), crumbs (40%), appearance (15%), and texture (5%).

2018 Wilton Fair Awards
Wilton is proud supporter of cake decorators of all levels through their State and County Fairs Program! They support state and county fairs in the Decorated Cake Divisions and Cupcake Divisions. Prizes are offered for winning cakes and cupcakes that have some type of bag and tip or rolled fondant cake decorating.

Entries in the following categories are eligible for special Wilton prizes in 2018:
Decorated Cake Divisions: Adult and Junior Open Class
Cupcake Divisions: Adult and Junior Open Class
Only one “Best of Class” and “Runner Up” award is available for each division, adult or junior.

CLASS 1 - Decorated Cake
Icing may be applied to a non-edible form in all classes with the exception of edible decorated cakes, which must be edible.
B083 Decorated-any edible
B084 Decorated-birthday
B085 Decorated-special occasion
B086 Decorated-wedding
B087 Decorated-special diet
B088 Decorated-open
B089 Decorated Cupcakes

CLASS 2 - Scratch Cake
B090 Scratch-white/egg only
B091 Scratch-yellow
B092 Scratch-chocolate
B093 Scratch-spice
B094 Scratch-angel food
B095 Scratch-pound
B096 Scratch-butter
B097 Scratch-bundt
B098 Scratch-sponge
B099 Scratch-cheese cake baked
B100 Scratch-cheese cake unbaked
B101 Cupcakes (6 total)
B102 Scratch-other
B103 Scratch-special diet
B104 Scratch-open

CLASS 3 - Mix Cake Made from a prepackaged mix.
B106 Mix Cake-fruit
B107 Mix Cake-spice
B108 Mix Cake-special diet
B109 Mix Cake-open

Pies must be whole in a pan and uncut. Classes will be developed to reflect entries. Refrigeration is available for perishable items. Plate of 3 where applicable.
B110 Pastry-fruit pie
B111 Pastry-cream pie
B112 Pastry-walnut or pecan pie
B113 Pastry-other pie
B114 Pastry-cream puffs
B115 Pastry-maple bars
B116 Pastry-popovers
B117 Pastry-fruit tarts
B118 Pastry-danish
B119 Pastry-cobbler
B120 Pastry-special diet
B121 Pastry-open

Superintendent: Nancy Mucklow, Eileen Grover, Jody Camilletti
Age Groups: Jr/Teen, Adult, Adult Plus, Senior, Senior Plus, Pro
2 entries/numbered category

1. All canned and jellied products must include the following information on the label (blank labels will be available at the Fair): - name of product -method of preparation (type syrup, type pack, any additional ingredients added) as applies to product canned -method of processing (i.e., pressure canner, water bath) and pounds of pressure used if food was pressure canned -elevation at which processing was done-exact processing time-date processed –RECIPE STRONGLY RECOMMENDED - REMEMBER TO ADD ALTITUDE ADJUSTMENT TIME TO RECIPE YOU ARE PREPARING.  See Altitude Chart below. (Example:  Recipe calls for 5 minutes processing time.  For 6001-8000 feet, add 15 minutes to processing time = 20 minutes total processing time). Recipe info can be included on the information label or attached as a separate label, but should be attached to the product because of food safety concerns.

2. Jellied products and Other Canned products must be displayed in U.S. standard jar (i.e, Ball, Kerr). Two-piece matching lids must be used.

3. Acceptable canning methods include pressure canned or hot water bath. It may be necessary to open home canned food entries to inspect for judging purposes. Judges will use their own discretion as to whether or not they will open and taste canned products. Directions for different methods are available from the Routt County Extension office and local libraries. Products with paraffin (wax) seals will not be accepted.

4. Including the recipe is beneficial.

5. Head space (the unfilled jar space above the food and below its lid) should be 1/4 inch for jams and jellies; 1/2 inch for fruit, pickles and tomatoes processed in hot-water bath; and 1 to 1 1/4 inch for low acid foods, vegetables, meats, etc. processed in a pressure canner.

Judging for fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and soups is based on appearance 50% (for natural color, uniform pieces, quality product canned in appropriate and food safe conditions, clear liquid); pack 40% (for well-spaced, attractive, uniform pieces, proper head space); and container 10% (for a perfect seal, complete label including recipe reference, sparkling jar).

CLASS 1 - Fruit
C001 Fruit-apricots
C002 Fruit-apples
C003 Fruit-applesauce
C004 Fruit-cherries-sour
C005 Fruit-cherries-sweet
C006 Fruit-fruit cocktail
C007 Fruit-gooseberries
C008 Fruit-peaches-whole
C009 Fruit-peaches-sliced
C010 Fruit-pears
C011 Fruit-plums
C012 Fruit-raspberries
C013 Fruit-rhubarb
C014 Fruit-strawberries
C015 Fruit-juice
C016 Fruit-pie filling
C017 Fruit- miscellaneous
C018 Fruit-chutney
C019 Fruit-open

CLASS 2 - Meat & Fish
C021 Meat & Fish-beef
C022 Meat & Fish-chicken
C023 Meat & Fish-trout
C024 Meat & Fish- mincemeat
C025 Meat & Fish- wild game
C026 Meat & Fish- miscellaneous
C027 Meat & Fish-open
CLASS 3 - Soup
C031 Soup-meat
C032 Soup- vegetable
C033 Soup- miscellaneous
C034 Soup-open
CLASS 4 - Vegetables
C036 Veg-beets
C037 Veg-beans-green
C038 Veg-beans
C039 Veg-carrots
C040 Veg-corn
C041 Veg-tomatoes-whole
C042 Veg-tomatoes-pieces
C043 Veg-tomato sauce
C044 Veg-vegetable juice (V-8 type)
C045 Veg-miscellaneous
C046 Veg-open

CLASS 5 - Pickled and Spiced Products
Judging is based upon appearance 40% (even color, uniform pieces and texture, sparkling jar), quality of fruit and vegetables 30% (quality product canned in appropriate and food safe conditions, condition of finished product, perfect seal), pack 25% (neatness, liquid cover, proper head space) and complete label and recipe reference 5%.
C051 Pickle/Spice-beets
C052 Pickle/Spice-B&B cucumber
C053 Pickle/Spice-dill cucumber
C054 Pickle/Spice-sweet cucumber
C055 Pickle/Spice-misc. cucumber
C056 Pickle/Spice-tomato-dill
C057 Pickle/Spice-tomato-sweet
C058 Pickle/Spice-zucchini-dill
C059 Pickle/Spice-misc. vegetable
C060 Pickle/Spice-misc. fruit
C061 Pickle/Spice-peppers
C062 Pickle/Spice-tomato catsup
C063 Pickle/Spice-dilled beans
C064 Pickle/Spice-misc. chutney
C065 Pickle/Spice-dill relish
C066 Pickle/Spice-sweet relish
C067 Pickle/Spice-misc. relish
C068 Pickle/Spice-chili sauce
C069 Pickle/Spice-misc. sauce
C070 Pickle/Spice-crabapples
C071 Pickle/Spice-sauerkraut
C072 Pickle/Spice-vinegar, homemade
C073 Pickle/Spice-vinegar, herbed
C074 Pickle/Spice-salsa, processed
C075 Pickle/Spice-salsa, refrigerated
C076 Pickle/Spice-open

CLASS 6 - Fermented or Brined Products
This class is designed for products that are NOT hot water bath or pressure canner processed. Includes lacto fermented products (using salt, brine, whey, starter culture or SCOBY) for fermenting.

Judging is based upon appearance 40% (even color, uniform pieces and texture, sparkling jar), quality of fruit and vegetables 40% (quality product made in appropriate and food safe conditions, condition of finished product), and complete label including processing method and time/recipe reference 20%.
C200 Fermented Pickle-Vegetable
C201 Fermented Pickle-Fruit
C202 Fermented-Chutney, Relish or Paste
C203 Fermented-Sauerkraut or Kimchi
C204 Fermented-Beverages
C205 Fermented-Yogurt
C206 Fermented-Miscellaneous
C207  Fermented-Open

These products must have two-piece lids and be hot-water bathed. Products with paraffin (wax) seals will not be accepted.
CLASS 1 - Jams and Butters
Jams are fruit pulp and juice with sugar and no distinct form; butters are concentrated fruit pulp, juice, sugar and spice of a smooth consistency. Judging is based on appearance 40% (clarity, color, no foreign substance), consistency 40% (uniformity, smooth, thick, tender), and container 20% (proper head space, perfect seal, complete label including recipe reference, sparkling jar).
C081 Jam-apple butter
C082 Jam-apricot butter
C083 Jam-pear butter
C084 Jam-peach butter
C085 Jam-apricot
C086 Jam-apricot pineapple
C087 Jam-blueberry
C088 Jam-cherry
C089 Jam-peach
C090 Jam-raspberry
C091 Jam-strawberry
C092 Jam-strawberry rhubarb
C093 Jam- mixed fruit
C094 Jam-other fruit
C095 Jam-frozen
C096 Jam-miscellaneous
C097 Jam-open

CLASS 2 - Jellies
Jelly contains fruit juice, pectin and sugar. It is clear and sparkling and holds firm in place. Judging will be based on texture 40% (tender, firm enough to hold angle when cut, smooth), appearance 40% (clarity, color, no foreign substance) container 20% (proper head space, perfect seal, complete label including recipe reference, sparkling jar).
C101 Jelly-apple
C102 Jelly-blackberry
C103 Jelly-boysenberry
C104 Jelly-chokecherry
C105 Jelly-crabapple
C106 Jelly-currant, black
C107 Jelly-currant, red
C108 Jelly- gooseberry
C109 Jelly-grape
C110 Jelly-mint
C111 Jelly-peach
C112 Jelly-plum
C113 Jelly-raspberry
C114 Jelly-serviceberry
C115 Jelly-mixed fruit
C116 Jelly-syrup
C117 Jelly-vegetable
C118 Jelly-frozen
C119 Jelly-miscellaneous
C120 Jelly-open

CLASS 3 - Marmalades and Conserves
Marmalade contains all the fruit except seeds and core, and small pieces of pulp and peel are evenly distributed through a rich, clear, translucent jelly. Although similar to marmalade, conserves are a thicker consistency and usually contain several fruits, nutmeats or raisins.
C126 Marm/Conserve-fruit
C127 Marm/Conserve-mixed fruit
C128 Marm/Conserve-marmalade
C129 Marm/Conserve-vegetable
C130 Marm/Conserve-open

CLASS 4 - Preserves
Preserves contain small whole fruits or large chunks of fruit or rinds of fruit, pectin, and sugar in a very thick syrup or slightly jellied juice. Judging is based on fruit 30% (distinct pieces of whole fruit in heavy syrup), syrup 30% (bright, clear color), pack 30% (neat fruit well covered with syrup, complete label including recipe reference, sparkling jar) and fruit 10% (clarity, shape, color firmness of texture).
C131 Preserves-berry
C132 Preserves-fruit
C133 Preserves-miscellaneous
C134 Preserves-open

2018 BALL®

BALL® FRESH PRESERVING AWARD FOR ADULT LEVEL Presented by: BALL® & KERR™ FRESH PRESERVING PRODUCTS   Newell Brands Inc., marketers of Ball® and Kerr™ Fresh Preserving Products, is proud to recognize today’s fresh preserving (canning) enthusiasts. Awards for 1st and 2nd place will be presented to individuals whose home canned entry is selected the best in the category. A panel of judges will select the top two entries in Fruits, Vegetables, Pickles, and Soft Spreads. Entries must be preserved in Ball® Jars and sealed with Ball® Lids and Bands specially designed for home canning, or preserved in Kerr™ Jars sealed with Kerr™ Lids and Bands specially designed for home canning. In addition, entries in the soft spread category must be prepared using Ball® Pectin: Classic, Low or No-Sugar, or Liquid. Proof of pectin purchase in the form of a receipt or product UPC must be submitted with entry. Entries from each category honored with the First Place award will receive: ∙ Two (2) Six-Dollar ($6) Coupons for Ball® or Kerr™ Fresh Preserving Products and ∙ One (1) Free (up to $6 value) Coupon for Ball® Pectin   Entries from each category honored with the Second Place award will receive: ∙ One (1) Six-Dollar ($6) Coupon for Ball® or Kerr™ Fresh Preserving Products and ∙ One (1) Free (up to $6 value) Coupon for Ball® Pectin

Newell Brands Inc., marketers of Ball® and Kerr™ Fresh Preserving Products, is proud to recognize today’s fresh preserving (canning) enthusiasts. An award for 1st place will be presented to the individual whose home canned entry is selected the best in the category. A panel of judges will select the best entry in each category for Fruits, Vegetables, Pickles, and Soft Spreads. Entries must be preserved in Ball® Jars sealed with Ball® Lids and Bands specially designed for home canning, or preserved in Kerr™ Jars sealed with Kerr™ Lids and Bands specially designed for home canning. In addition, entries in the soft spread category must be prepared using Ball® Pectin: Classic, Low or No-Sugar, or Liquid. Proof of pectin purchase in the form of a receipt or product UPC must be submitted with entry. Entries from each category honored with a First Place award will receive: ∙ One (1) Six-Dollar ($6) Coupon for Ball® or Kerr™ Fresh Preserving Products and ∙ One (1) Free (up to $6 value) Coupon for Ball® Pectin

Superintendent: Deanna Berry, Ellen Bonnifield
Age Groups: Junior, Teen, Adult, Adult Plus, Senior, Senior Plus, Pro.
2 entries/numbered category

NEW CLOTHING: Judging is based on workmanship (40%), fabric (20%), choice of pattern (20%), and general appearance (20%).

D001 A1 - After-five hostess apparel
D002 A1 - Dress, blend
D003 A1 - Dress, 100% cotton
D004 A1 - Dress, polyester
D005 A1 - Dress, wool
D006 A1 - Formal gowns
D007 A1 - Housecoat
D008 A1 - Jumper
D009 A1 - Open

D011 A2 - Blouse, any fabric
D012 A2 - Shirt, knit pullover
D013 A2 - Shirt, western-woman/girl
D014 A2 - Shirt, western-man/boy
D015 A2 - Shirt, man/boy
D016 A2 - Open

D021 A3 - Skirt, 100% cotton
D022 A3 - Skirt, blend
D023 A3 - Skirt, polyester
D024 A3 - Skirt, wool
D025 A3 - Slacks, pull-on-woman/girl
D026 A3 - Slacks, zipper- woman/girl
D027 A3 - slacks, man/boy
D028 A3 - Gauchos or culottes shorts
D029 A3 - Jumpsuit
D030 A3 - Open

D036 A4 - Coat, woman/girl
D037 A4 - Pantsuit
D038 A4 - Jacket, woman/girl
D039 A4 - Jacket, man/boy
D040 A4 - Suit, woman/girl
D041 A4 - Suit man/boy
D042 A4 - Open

D046 B1 - Sleepwear, cotton or flannel
D047 B1 - Lingerie, slip
D048 B1 - Lingerie, panties
D049 B1 - Lingerie, bra
D050 B1 - Lingerie, nightwear
D051 B1 - Lingerie, peignoir set
D052 B1 - Spandex-type activewear
D053 B1 - Swimwear
D054 B1 - Open

D056 B2 - Apron
D057 B2 - Infants wear
D058 B2 - Capes or ponchos
D059 B2 - Recycled garment
D060 B2 - Vest, woman/girl
D061 B2 - Vest man/boy
D062 B2 - Miscellaneous
D063 B2 - Open

CLASS 3 - Leather
D071 B3 - Leather-coat
D072 B3 - Leather-jacket
D073 B3 - Leather-skirt
D074 B3 - Leather-miscellaneous
D075 B3 - Leather-open
CLASS 4 - Recreational Sewing (from kits)
D076 B4 - Rec.-camping equipment
D077 B4 - Rec.-jacket
D078 B4 - Rec.-vest
D079 B4 - Rec.-miscellaneous
D080 B4 - Rec.-open

CLASS 1 - Embellished (Decorate Your Duds)
D085 C1 - Embellished
D086 C2 - Embellished-baby items
D087 C3 - Embellished-open

CLASS 1 - Home Accessories
D090 D1-home accessories
D091 D2-home accessories-open

Superintendents: Jeannie Wixson, Kathy Reck,
Rhonda Green

Age Groups: Mommy/Daddy & Me (85% must be completed by child), Junior, Teen, Adult, Adult Plus, Senior Plus, Pro, 2 entries/numbered category

Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion ribbons may be awarded in each division and age category.

Articles made from kits are classified as crafts or hobby work. As entries warrant, classes may be divided into categories determined by types of materials.

CLASS 1 - Decoupage
E001 Decoupage-pictures
E002 Decoupage-decorative accessory
E003 Decoupage-miscellaneous
E004 Decoupage-open

CLASS 2 - Jewelry
E005 Jewelry-Ankle Bracelet
E006 Jewelry-necklace
E007 Jewelry-earrings
E008 Jewelry-bracelet
E009 Jewelry-rings
E010 Jewelry-hair accessories
E011 Jewelry-Beads-earrings
E012 Jewelry-Beads-necklace
E013 Jewelry-Beads-bracelet
E014 Jewelry-Beads-Belt
E015 Jewelry-Pin
E016 Jewelry-Loom beaded
E017 Jewelry-Necklace & Earring Set

CLASS 3 - Miscellaneous
E031 Misc.-candles
E032 Misc.-quill work
E033 Misc.-ecology art
E034 Misc.-paint by number
E035 Misc.-string art
E036 Misc.-feathers
E037 Misc.-feather hatband
E038 Misc.-miscellaneous
E039 Misc.-fabric frames
E040 Misc.-fabric photo album
E041 Misc.-glued fabric wall hanging
E042 Misc.-etching, from kit
E043 Misc.-plastic crafts
E044 Misc.-collection
E045 Misc.-fiber art
E046 Misc.-toys
E047 Misc.-pet toys
E048 Misc.-puzzles
E049 Misc.-gift baskets
E-50 Misc.-centerpiece
E051 Misc.-open

CLASS 4 - Fly Tying
E055 Fly-ties with feathers
E056 Fly-ties without feathers
E057 Fly-display

CLASS 5 - Natural Resources
E066 Natural Resources-wildlife
E067 Natural Resource rock collection
E068 Natural Resources-insects
E069 Natural Resources-forestry
E070 Natural Resources-beekeeping
E071 Natural Resources-open
CLASS 6 - Upholstered Items
E076 Upholstered-small items
E077 Upholstered-chairs
E078 Upholstered-open

CLASS 1 - Ceramics
E081 Ceramics-stained, decorative
E082 Ceramics-stained, household
E083 Ceramics-stained, antique
E084 Ceramics-chalk, decorative
E085 Ceramics-chalk, antique
E086 Ceramics-glazed, decorative
E087 Ceramics-glazed, household
E088 Ceramics-glazed, antique
E089 Ceramics-original
E090 Ceramics-hand brushed
E091 Ceramics-open
E092 Ceramics-Hand Painted

CLASS 2 - Christmas Crafts
E096 Christmas-beadwork
E097 Christmas-ceramics
E098 Christmas-crystal
E099 Christmas-decoupage
E100 Christmas-fabric, glue
E101 Christmas-fabric, sewn
E102 Christmas-macrame
E103 Christmas-metal
E104 Christmas-origami
E105 Christmas-pettipoint
E106 Christmas-stained glass
E107 Christmas-straw
E108 Christmas-wood
E109 Christmas-wreath
E110 Christmas-miscellaneous
E111 Christmas-wall hanging
E112 Christmas-centerpiece
E113 Christmas-ornament
E114 Christmas-open

CLASS 3 - Macramé
E121 Macramé-plant hanger
E122 Macramé-wall hanging
E123 Macramé-chair
E124 Macramé-purse or carryall
E125 Macramé-miscellaneous
E126 Macramé-open

CLASS 4 - Plaster Craft
E131 Plaster-household
E132 Plaster-decorative
E133 Plaster-open

CLASS 5 - Tube Painting and Painting
E136 Tube-clothing
E137 Tube-accessory item
E138 Tube-household item
E139 Tube-pictures
E140 Tube-fabric paint with liquid embroidery
E141 Tube-fabric paint with brush painted
E142 Tube-fabric paint with liquid home decor

CLASS 6 - Wall Decorations
E146 Wall-hats
E147 Wall-miscellaneous
E148 Wall-wreath
E149 Wall-swag
E150 Wall-centerpiece
E151 Wall-wind chimes
E152 Wall-plastic canvas
E153 Wall-dream catchers
E154 Wall-picture
E155 Wall-open

CLASS 7 - Recycled or Ecology
E160 Recycled/Ecology-popsicle stick
E161 Recycled/Ecology-cardboard
E162 Recycled/Ecology-pet rocks
E163 Recycled/Ecology-pine cones
E164 Recycled/Ecology-tin-can art
E165 Recycled/Ecology-glass bottles
E166 Recycled/Ecology-glass with fabric
E167 Recycled/Ecology-recycled jewelry
E168 Recycled/Ecology-recycled fabric
E169 Recycled/Ecology-clothes
E170 Recycled/Ecology-entire doll
E171 Recycled/Ecology-open

CLASS 8 - Artificial flowers
E175 Silk-Table
E176 Beaded
E177 Paper
E178 Open
E179 Corsage

CLASS 9 - Dolls
E185 Dolls - crochet
E186 Dolls - fabric
E187 Dolls - porcelain
E188 Dolls - restored
E189 Dolls – wooden
E190 Dolls - other

CLASS 1 - Leather
E216 Leather-belts/buckles
E217 Leather billfold/wallet/checkbook cover
E218 Leather-case-brief case
E219 Leather-case-camera case
E220 Leather-case-knife case
E221 Leather-case-gun case/holster
E222 Leather-case-fishing rod & creel
E223 Leather-case-purse
E224Leather-case-miscellaneous case
E225 Leather-tack-saddle
E226 Leather-tack-breast collar
E227 Leather-tack-bridle
E228 Leather-tack-harness
E229 Leather-tack-seat
E230 Leather-tack-open
E231 Leather-display-sample board
E232 Leather-photo album
E233 Leather-mirror frame
E234 Leather-open

CLASS 1 - Models
E256 Models-boats
E257 Models-cars
E258 Models-trucks
E259 Models-airplanes
E260 Models-rockets
E261 Models-snap together
E262 Models-grouping
E263 Models-miscellaneous

CLASS 2 - Legos
E280 Legos-kit moving
E281 Legos -kit non-moving
E282 Legos -kit with your improvements
E283 Legos -scene
E284 Legos -house
E285 Legos -airplane/car/vehicle
E286 Legos -original design
E287 Legos –open

CLASS 3 - Misc. Construct Blocks
E289 MCT - Construct Blocks
E290 MCT - Knex
E291 MCT - Zome Tools
E292 MCT - Tinker Toys
E293 MCT - Erector
E294 MCT - Open

E295 Trad. Scrap-wedding
E296 Trad. Scrap-family
E297 Trad. Scrap-sports
E298 Trad. Scrap-birthday
E299 Trad. Scrap-special occasion
E300 Trad. Scrap-vacation
E301 Trad. Scrap- baby/child
E302 Trad. Scrap-one page
E303 Trad. Scrap-Kit
E304 Trad. Scrap-open

E310 Dig. Scrap-wedding
E311 Dig. Scrap-family
E312 Dig. Scrap-sports
E313 Dig. Scrap-birthday
E314 Dig. Scrap-special occasion
E315 Dig. Scrap-vacation
E316 Dig. Scrap- baby/child
E317 Dig. Scrap-one page
E318 Dig. Scrap-Kit
E319 Dig. Scrap-open
Superintendent: Jody Camilletti

Age Groups: Junior/Teen, Adult, Adult Plus, Senior, Senior Plus, Pro
2 entries/numbered category
Dairy Cow, Dairy Goat, Elk, Venison, Pork, etc. Please label item for species. Only appropriately labeled, and pasteurized products will be tasted.
NO home remedies or medicinal products will be accepted.
CLASS 1 - Unpasteurized Dairy Products
F001 Unpast. Dairy-butter, 1lb.
F002 Unpast. Dairy-cheddar type cheese, 1/2 lb.
F003 Unpast. Dairy-cottage cheese, 1 pint
F004 Unpast. Dairy-hard cheese, 1/2 lb.
F005 Unpast. Dairy-yogurt cheese, 1/2 lb.
F006 Unpast. Dairy-misc cheese
F007 Unpast. Dairy-whole milk 1 pint displayed with cream
F008 Unpast. Dairy-buttermilk, 1 pint
F009 Unpast. Dairy-skim milk, 1 pint
F010 Unpast. Dairy-goat milk, 1 pint
F011 Unpast. Dairy-cream, 1/2 pint
CLASS 2 - Pasteurized Dairy Products
F016 Past. Dairy-butter, 1lb.
F017 Past. Dairy-cheddar type cheese, 1/2 lb.
F018 Past. Dairy-cottage cheese, 1 pint
F019 Past. Dairy-hard cheese, 1/2 lb.
F020 Past. Dairy-yogurt cheese, 1/2 lb.
F021 Past. Dairy-miscellaneous cheese
F022 Past. Dairy-whole milk 1 pint displayed with cream
F023 Past. Dairy-buttermilk, 1 pint
F024 Past. Dairy-skim milk, 1 pint
F025 Past. Dairy-goat milk, 1 pint
F026 Past. Dairy-cream, 1/2 pint
F027 Past. Dairy-yogurt, 1 cup

CLASS 3 - Eggs (one dozen)
F030 Eggs-white large
F031 Eggs-white medium/small
F032 Eggs-brown large
F033 Eggs-brown medium/small
F034 Eggs-misc. (goose, duck, etc.)
F035 Eggs-open
CLASS 4 - Honey
F037 Honey - Clover
F038 Honey – Alfalfa
F039 Honey – Wildflower
F040 Honey - Blended
F041 Honey – with honeycomb
CLASS 5 - Meat (method of preparation & processing, time and date processed, and recipe)
F042 Meat-salami, 1/2 lb.
F043 Meat-German smoked sausage, 2 links
F044 Meat-Italian smoked sausage, 2 links
F045 Meat-Polish smoked sausage, 2 links
F046 Meat-open
CLASS 6 - Miscellaneous
F049 Miscellaneous-open
F050 Miscellaneous-open
Dried products must be in a moisture vapor-proof container or bag. Labels on dried foods must indicate the name of the product, any pretreatment, additional ingredients, method of drying (oven, dehydrator, solar), drying time and date dried. Example: Apricots, ascorbic acid dipped, dehydrator dried, eight hours, July 2016. Food Safety Advisory: Current research indicates that E. Coli can survive low temperature drying. We recommend that fair judges refrain from tasting home dried meats. Please contact the Routt County Extension office for more food safety recommendations and recipes.

CLASS 1 - Fruit
F060 Fruit-apricots
F061 Fruit-cherries
F062 Fruit-fruit leather
F063 Fruit-other fruit
F064 Fruit-pears
F065 Fruit-plums/prunes
F066 Fruit-grapes/raisins
F067 Fruit-open

CLASS 2 - Vegetables
F070 Vegetables-carrots
F071 Vegetables-celery
F072 Vegetables-corn
F073 Vegetables-mixed vegetables
F074 Vegetables-onions
F075 Vegetables-other vegetables
F076 Vegetables-peppers
F077 Vegetables-squash/zucchini
F078 Vegetables-miscellaneous
F079 Vegetables-open
CLASS 3 - Others
F080 Other-herbs
F081 Other-jerky
F082 Other- noodles
F083 Other-miscellaneous
F084 Other-open

Bath products should contain one appropriately labeled bar, bottle or container per entry.

CLASS 1 - Homemade Soap
F086 Homemade soap-made from a kit
F087 Homemade soap-made from scratch
F088 Homemade soap-open

CLASS 2 - Homemade Lotion
F090 Homemade lotion-made from kit
F091 Homemade lotion-made from scratch
F092 Homemade lotion-salve
F093 Homemade lotion-serum
F094 Homemade lotion-open

CLASS 3 – Homemade Aromatherapy
F095 Homemade Aromatherapy-oil
F096 Homemade Aromatherapy-salts
F097 Homemade Aromatherapy-miscellaneous
F098 Homemade Aromatherapy-open

CLASS 4 – Homemade Pet
F100 Homemade Pet-lotion/salve
F101 Homemade Pet-soap
F102 Homemade Pet-miscellaneous
F103 Homemade Pet-open


Superintendents: Suzie Copeland, Lois Caster, Ashley Sweetser, Becky Stephenson
Age Groups: Junior, Teen, Adult, Adult Plus, Senior, Senior Plus, Pro
2 entries/numbered category

Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion ribbons may be awarded in each division and age category. At the discretion of the judge, Champion ribbons may be awarded in each division and age category. The Superintendent reserves the right to remove any exhibit deemed unsuitable for display.

Entries identified as a noxious weed will be disqualified and destroyed.

Entries will be disqualified if they have insects or do not contain the number of blooms or stems designated in each class.

Flowers should be exhibited with blooms of uniform size, shape and color, straight stems and any natural foliage. Exhibitors must furnish their own containers.
Flowers exhibited should be at the peak of maturity, not wilting, and able to hold up well in the show. Hardening flowers after cutting is important. To prepare exhibit, gather in late afternoon the day before the show, cut stems under water and remove lower foliage with a sharp knife. Plunge immediately up to the neck into warm water for an hour before placing in a cool, dark place (refrigerator 40-50 degrees F) overnight. The morning of the show, 1/2 inch should be removed from the stem. There should be no dead blooms present.

For the exhibits:
Bloom: one individual flower with stem and foliage
Stem: A lengthened flower cluster, such as a Gladiola
Spray: A main stem with side branches and several blooms
Unless noted otherwise each entry should contain 3 stems.
TIP: Pour about 1/4 cup of soda pop into the water in a vase full of cut flowers. The sugar in the soda will make the blossoms last longer. If you have a clear vase and want the water to remain clear, use a clear soda, like Sprite or 7-Up.

G001 A1-Aster, 3 blooms
G002 A1-Bachelor button, 3 blooms
G003 A1-Calendula, 3 blooms
G004 A1-Cosmos, 3 blooms
G005 A1-Open

G010 A2-Dahlia from seeds, 1bloom
G011 A2-Celosia, 1bloom
G012 A2-Cleome, 1 bloom
G013 A2-Open

G020 A3-Geranium, 3 stems
G021 A3-Geranium, 3 stems, Martha Washington
G022 A3-Geranium, Open

G025 A4 - Impatiens, 3 stems
G026 A4 - Nasturtium, 3 blooms
G027 A4 - Poppy, California, 3 stems
G028 A4 - Salvia, 3 stems
G029 A4- Open

G035 A5 - Marigold, 1 bloom under 2 inches
G036 A5 - Marigold, 1bloom 2-3-inches
G037 A5 - Marigold, 1bloom over 3-inches
G038 A5 - Open

G045 A6 - Petunia, single, 3 blooms
G046 A6 - Petunia, double, 3 blooms
G047 A6 - Petunia, ruffled, 3 blooms
G048 A6 - Open

G050 A7 - Sunflower-cultivated, 1 stem
G051 A7 - Sunflower-wild, 1 stem
G052 A7 - Sunflower-cultivated, colored, 1 stem
G053 A7 - Open

G058 A8 - Phlox, 1 stem
G059 A8 - Nicotiana, 1 spray
G060 A8 - Open

G065 A9 - Statice, 3 stems
G066 A9 - Strawflower, 3 stems
G067 A9 - Wildflower-cultivated, 3 stems
G068 A9 - Open

G075 A10 - Sweet peas, one color, 5 stems
G076 A10 - Sweet peas, mixed colors, 5 stems
G077 A10 - Open

G080 A11 - Snapdragon, single, 3 stems
G081 A11 - Snapdragon, double, 3 stems
G082 A11 - Snapdragon, Open
G083 A11 - Foxglove, 3 stems
G084 A11 - Open

G085 A12 - Zinnia, 1 bloom over 5 inches
G086 A12 - Zinnia, 1 bloom 2-5 inches
G087 A12 - Zinnia, 3 blooms under 2 inches
G088 A12 - Zinnia- Open

G090 A13 - Gomphrena, 3 stems
G091 A13 - Portulaca, 3 stems
G092 A13 - Verbena, 3 stems
G093 A13 - Open

G095 A14 - Annual - miscellaneous
G096 A14 - Annual - Open

G100 P1 - Aster, 3 stems
G101 P1 - Carnation, 3 stems
G102 P1 - Coreopsis, 3 stems
G103 P1 - Chrysanthemum, 3 stems
G104 P1 - Cornflower, 3 stems

G106 P2 - Columbine, giant, 3 stems
G107 P2 - Columbine, dwarf, 3 stems
G108 P2 - Coral bells, 3 stems
G109 P2 - Dianthus, 3 stems
G110 P2 - Sweet William, 3 stems
G111 P2 - Lupine, 1 stem
G112 P2 - Open

G115 P3 - Daisy, Gloriosa, 3 stems
G116 P3 - Daisy, Painted, 3 stems
G117 P3 - Daisy, Shasta, 3 stems
G118 P3 - Blackeyed Susan, 3 stems
G119 P3 - Gaillardia, 3 stems
G120 P3 - Rudbeckia, 3 stems
G121 P3 - Open

G130 P4 - Hollyhock, single 1 stem
G131 P4 - Hollyhock, double 1 stem
G132 P4 - Open

G140 P5 - Rose, floribunda, 1 stem
G141 P5 - Rose, hybrid tea, 1 stem
G142 P5 - Rose, miniature, 1 stem
G143 P5 - Rose, climber, 1 spray
G144 P5 - Rose, Open

G150 P6 - Sweet pea, 3 stems
G151 P6 - Sweet pea, Open

G155 P7 - Viola, Johnny Jump Up, 3 stems
G156 P7 - Viola, Pansy, 3 stems
G157 P7 - Viola, Viola, 3 stems
G158 P7 - Viola, Open

G165 P8 - Ground cover, 3 stems
G166 P8 - Open

G175 P9 - Delphinium, 1 stem
G176 P9 - Phlox, 1 stem
G177 P9 - Open

G180 P10 - Yarrow, 3 stems
G181 P10 - Wildflower, cultivated, 3 stems
G182 P10 - Statice
G183 P10 - Open

G186 P11 - Poppy, Iceland, 3 stems
G187 P11 - Poppy, Oriental, 3 stems
G188 P11 - Open

G190 P12 - Perennials, miscellaneous
G191 P12 - Perennials, Open

G195 P13 - Clematis, 1 spray
G196 P13 - Trellis, Open

G200 BCT1 - Dahlia, 1 bloom 8 inches and over
G201 BCT1 - Dahlia, 1 bloom 4-8 inches
G202 BCT1 - Dahlia, 1 bloom under 4 inches
G203 BCT1 – Dahlia, Open

G210 BCT2 - Gladiola, standard, 1 stem
G211 BCT2 - Gladiola, dwarf, 1 stem
G212 BCT2 - Gladiola, Open

G220 BCT3 - Lily, Asiatic, 1 stem
G221 BCT3 - Lily, Day, 1 stem
G222 BCT3 - Lily, Open
G223 BCT3 - Lily, Oriental, 1 stem

G230 BCT4 - Bulbs, Corms, Tubers -miscellaneous
G231 BCT4 - Bulbs, Corms, Tubers -Open

G240 AD1 - Art-arrangement, in oasis
G241 AD1 - Art-arrangement, 1 main color
G242 AD1 - Art-arrange.-mini, max 6 inch height and width
G243 AD1 - Art-arrange.-super mini, max 3 inch height and width
G244 AD1 - Art-arrangement, dried
G245 AD1 - Art, misc., arrangement
G246 AD1 – Art, open

G250 AD2 - Art-bouquet, artistic choice
G251 AD2 - Art-miscellaneous, artistic design
G252 AD2 - Art, Open

G260 C1 - Container - flowering patio container
G261 C1 - Container – flowering houseplant
G262 C1 - Container - foliage houseplant
G263 C1 - Container - foliage patio
G264 C1 - Open

G270 C2 - Container - succulents
G271 C2 - Container – succulents & cactus
G272 C2 - Container – terrarium
G273 C2 – Container – dish garden
G274 C2 – Container – open

G285 C3 - Container - edible herb, vegetable, fruit
G286 C3 - Open

G290 C4 - Container - trees
G291 C4 - Container - Open

G301 FG1- Theme

G310 FG2- herbal

G320 FG3- Succulent
G321 FG3-Cactus

G330 FG4- Patio
G331 FG4- Flowering

G340 FG5- Artistic
G341 FG5- Artistic Choice

Superintendents: Shirley Gossert, Patricia Bennett, Linda Signs, Bonnie Standridge
Age Groups: Mommy/Daddy and Me, Junior, Teen, Adult, Adult Plus, Senior, Senior Plus, Pro
2 entries/numbered category

Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion ribbons may be awarded in each division and age category. New classes will be added when three or more of the same items are entered under miscellaneous. Items must be clean in order to be judged and will be scored on technique and workmanship (35%), appearance (30%), design (30%), and fabric or suitability of yarn/thread
(5%). Counted cross stitch pictures will be judged on the centering of the cross stitch in the frame, matting and workmanship.

CLASS 1 - Embroidery, Hand Done
H001 Hand-pillow case
H002 Hand-tea towels
H003 Hand-buff, van set, scarf, etc.
H004 Hand-luncheon or tablecloth
H005 Hand-garment
H006 Hand-stamped X-stitch pillow case
H007 Hand-stamped X-stitch baby item
H008 Hand-stamped X-stitch luncheon, etc.
H009 Hand-hand stamped picture
H010 Hand-crewel
H011 Hand-needlepoint picture
H012 Hand-needlepunch picture
H013 Hand-needlepoint plastic canvas toys
H014 Hand-needlepoint plastic canvas household item
H015 Hand-needlepoint-plastic canvas
H016 Hand-needlepoint-plastic canvas-misc.
H017 Hand-needlepoint plastic canvas dolls
H018 Hand-needlepunch-misc
H019 Hand-open

CLASS 2 - Embroidery, Machine Done
H021 Machine-pillow case
H022 Machine-tea towels
H023 Machine-tea towels, appliqué
H024 Machine-luncheon or tablecloth
H025 Machine-buffet, vanity set, scarf etc.
H026 Machine-garments
H027 Machine-embroidery open
H028 Machine-picture

CLASS 3 - Counted Cross Stitch
H031 X-wall hanging
H032 X-baby item
H033 X-picture-scenery, small
H034 X-picture-scenery, large
H035 X-picture-wildlife/animals, small
H036 X-picture-wildlife/animals, large
H037 X-picture-sampler, small
H038 X-picture-sampler, large
H039 X-picture-floral, small
H040 X-picture-floral, large
H041 X-picture-building/ still life, small
H042 X-picture-building/still life, large
H043 X-towel
H044 X-miscellaneous
H045 X-open
H046 X-computer design/small
H047 X-computer design/large
CLASS 1 - Latch Hook
H051 LH-original design cross-stitch rug
H052 LH-original design hook rug
H053 LH-miscellaneous
H054 LH-miscellaneous
H055 LH-miscellaneous

CLASS 2 - Hooked Rugs
HO56 Hooked-small rug
HO57 Hooked-medium rug
HO58 Hooked-large rug
HO59 Hooked-pillow
HO60 Hooked-miscellaneous
HO61 Hooked-miscellaneous
HO62 Hooked-miscellaneous

CLASS 3 - Decorator Pillows
H065 Dec. Pillows-miscellaneous
H066 Dec. Pillows-miscellaneous
H067 Dec. Pillows-miscellaneous
H068 Dec. Pillows-miscellaneous
H069 Dec. Pillows-miscellaneous

CLASS 1 - Toys or Decorator Items
H070 Toy-knitted
H071 Toy-crocheted doll
H072 Toy-felt/non-woven
H073 Toy-fabric stuffed animal
H074 Toy-fabric doll
H075 Toy-accessory
H076 Toy-plastic-headed doll
H077 Toy-miscellaneous

CLASS 2 - Christmas Decorations
H080 Xmas-wall hanging/non-quilt
H081 Xmas-pillow
H082 Xmas-crochet
H083 Xmas-knitted
H084 Xmas-needlepoint
H085 Xmas-needlepoint, plastic canvas
H086 Xmas-embroidery
H087 Xmas-tatted
H088 Xmas-felt/non-woven
H089 Xmas-counted x-stitch, small
H090 Xmas-counted x-stitch, large
H091 Xmas-counted x-stitch, stocking
H092 Xmas-latch hook
H093 Xmas-open

CLASS 1 - Home Spun Items
H100 HS-weaving
H101 HS-knitting
H102 HS-crocheting
H103 HS-felting

CLASS 2 - Home Spun Skeins
H105 HS-Sheep Wool-fine single ply
H106 HS-Sheep Wool-medium singly ply
H107 HS-Sheep Wool-two or more plies
H108 HS-Goat/Cashmere/ Angora-single or multi-plied
H109 HS-Llama/Alpaca-single or multi-plied
H110 HS-Blends of any above fibers (no cotton, synthetics, etc.)
H111 HS-open

CLASS 3 - Items made by two or more people
H115 Two people-miscellaneous
H116 Two people-open

CLASS 4 - Non-spun & Felt
H117 NSP-open
H118 NSP-open
H119 NSP-open

H120 Thread-clothing
H121 Thread-accessory
H122 Thread-doll garment
H123 Thread-doily, dresser runner
H124 Thread-jewelry
H125 Thread-household item
H126 Thread-tablecloth
H127 Thread-bedspread
H128 Thread-miscellaneous
H129 Thread-crochet basket

CLASS 2 - Crocheting - Yarn
H133 Yarn-clothing
H134 Yarn-accessory
H135 Yarn-doll garment
H136 Yarn-household item
H137 Yarn-afghan
H138 Yarn-lap afghan
H139 Yarn-miscellaneous
H140 Yarn-open

CLASS 3 - Crocheting - Baby Items
H143 Baby-booties
H144 Baby-afghan
H145 Baby-sweater
H146 Baby-cap
H147 Baby-mittens
H148 Baby-dress or pinafore
H149 Baby-two-piece suit
H150 Baby-three-piece suit
H151 Baby-accessory
H152 Baby-miscellaneous
H153 Baby-open
CLASS 4 - Tatting
H155 Tat-doily
H156 Tat-inserts
H157 Tat-edgings
H158 Tat-open

CLASS 1 - Knitting - Miscellaneous
H160 Knit-clothing
H161 Knit-accessory
H162 Knit-household item
H163 Knit-afghan
H164 Knit-lap afghan
H165 Knit-miscellaneous
H166 Knit-open

CLASS 2 - Knitting – Baby Items
H170 Knit Baby-booties
H171 Knit Baby-cap
H172 Knit Baby-mittens
H173 Knit Baby-sweater
H174 Knit Baby-dress or pinafore
H175 Knit Baby-two-piece suit
H176 Knit Baby-three-piece suit
H177 Knit Baby-afghan
H178 Knit Baby-lap afghan
H179 Knit Baby-open

CLASS 1 - Swedish Weaving
H190 SW-tablecloth
H191 SW-afghan
H192 SW-place mat

CLASS 2 Weaving
H196 Weave-placemats
H197 Weave-coaster
H198 Weave-clothing
H199 Weave-accessories
H200 Weave-open

Superintendent: Dana Haskins, Robin Wilson, Greg Backes, Gail Hanley
Age Groups: Mommy/Daddy and Me, Junior, Teen, Adult, Adult Plus, Senior, Senior Plus, Pro
2 entries/numbered category

Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion ribbons may be awarded in Junior/Teen, Adult/Senior/Senior Plus, Pro

Photographs must be taken by the exhibitor, framed, wired and ready to hang.

CAMERAS (traditional processing)
CLASS 1 - Black and White
P000 Ranch Life
P001 Portrait
P002 Landscape
P003 Still Life
P004 Floral
P005 Abstract
P006 Animal/Domestic
P007 Animal/Wildlife
P008 Action
P009 Urban Landscape
P010 Nature Close Up
P011 Architecture
P012 Collection (2 or more photos together)
P013 Open

P015 Ranch Life
P016 Portrait
P017 Landscape
P018 Still Life
P019 Floral
P020 Abstract
P021 Animal/Domestic
P022 Animal/Wildlife
P023 Action
P024 Sunsets
P025 Urban Landscape
P026 Nature Close Up
P027 Architecture
P028 Collection (2 or more photos together)
P029 Open

CLASS 1 - Special effects
P030 Color
P031 Sepia
P032 Hand tint
P033 Optical Illusions
P034 Urban Landscape
P035 Nature Close Up
P036 Architecture
P037 Collection (2 or more photos together)
P038 Open

CLASS 2 - Digital Black & White
P045 Ranch Life
P046 Portrait
P047 Landscape
P048 Still Life
P049 Floral
P050 Abstract
P051 Animal/Domestic
P052 Animal/Wildlife
P053 Action
P054 Urban Landscape
P055 Nature Close Up
P056 Architecture
P057 Collection (2 or more photos together
P058 Open

CLASS 3 - Digital Color
P060 Ranch Life
P061 Portrait
P062 Landscape
P063 Still Life
P064 Floral
P065 Abstract
P066 Animal/Domestic
P067 Animal/Wildlife
P068 Action
P069 Sunset
P070 Urban Landscape
P071 Nature Close Up
P072 Architecture
P073 Collection (2 or more photos together
P074 Open

Superintendents: Madeleine Vail, Jackie Grimaldi, David Taylor, Cindy Doran

Age Groups: Mommy/Daddy and Me, Junior, Teen, Adult, Adult Plus, Senior, Senior Plus, Pro

Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion ribbons may be awarded in each division. Two entries may be submitted in each lettered category and, with the exception of quilt tops, must be finished. If this is your first time exhibiting a quilt or if this is your first quilt, this information must be noted on your entry form.

Colorado Quilting Council presents...First Timer Award - $25
Premium and special ribbon for a first-time entry. This is an award, which recognizes quilters who have not previously entered their work. If this is your first time entering a quilt at this Fair, mark it as such on your entry form. It is given at the discretion of the judge.

Award of Excellence: A special ribbon is awarded to the quilt demonstrating excellence in design and workmanship.
Judges Choice Award: A special ribbon is awarded to the quilt the judge would most like to take home.

CLASS 1 Accessory Item
M001 Hand appliqued / Hand quilted
M002 Machine appliqued / Machine quilted
M003 Hand appliqued / Machine quilted
M004 Machine appliqued / Hand quilted
M005 Hand embroidered
M006 Machine embroidered
M007 Item quilted by Other
M008 Item quilted by Bee
M009 Vintage item, finished this fair year
M010 Item made from kit
M011 Original design
M012 Two-person item
M013 Group item
M014 Other
M015 Other

CLASS 2 Bed Size Quilt
M021 Hand appliqued / Hand quilted
M022 Machine appliqued / Machine quilted
M023 Hand appliqued / Machine quilted
M024 Machine appliqued / Hand quilted
M025 Hand embroidered
M026 Machine embroidered
M027 Item quilted by Other
M028 Item quilted by Bee
M029 Vintage quilt, finished this fair year
M030 Quilt made from kit
M031 Original design
M032 Two-person quilt
M033 Group quilt
M034 Foundation pieced
M035 Other

CLASS 3 Crib Size Quilt
M041 Hand appliqued / Hand quilted
M042 Machine appliqued / Machine quilted
M043 Hand appliqued / Machine quilted
M044 Machine appliqued / Hand quilted
M045 Hand embroidered
M046 Machine embroidered
M047 Item quilted by Other
M048 Item quilted by Bee
M049 Vintage quilt, finished this fair year
M050 Quilt made from kit
M051 Original design
M052 Two-person quilt
M053 Group quilt
M054 Foundation pieced
M055 Other

CLASS 4 Lap Size Quilt
M061 Hand appliqued / Hand quilted
M062 Machine appliqued / Machine quilted
M063 Hand appliqued / Machine quilted
M064 Machine appliqued / Hand quilted
M065 Hand embroidered
M066 Machine embroidered
M067 Item quilted by Other
M068 Item quilted by Bee
M069 Vintage quilt, finished this fair year
M070 Quilt made from kit
M071 Original design
M072 Two-person quilt
M073 Group quilt
M074 Foundation pieced
M075 Other

CLASS 5 Wall Quilt
M081 Hand appliqued / Hand quilted
M082 Machine appliqued / Machine quilted
M083 Hand appliqued / Machine quilted
M084 Machine appliqued / Hand quilted
M085 Hand embroidered
M086 Machine embroidered
M087 Item quilted by Other
M088 Item quilted by Bee
M089 Vintage quilt, finished this fair year
M090 Quilt made from kit
M091 Original Design
M092 Two-person quilt
M093 Group quilt
M094 Foundation pieced
M095 Other
CLASS 1 Accessory Item
M101 Hand pieced / Hand quilted
M102 Machine pieced / Machine quilted
M103 Hand pieced / Machine quilted
M104 Machine pieced / Hand quilted
M105 Hand embroidered
M106 Machine embroidered
M107 Item quilted by Other
M108 Item quilted by Bee
M109 Vintage quilt, finished this fair year
M110 Quilt made from kit
M111 Original design
M112 Two-person quilt
M113 Group quilt
M114 Foundation pieced
M115 Other

CLASS 2 Bed Size Quilt
M121 Hand pieced / Hand quilted
M122 Machine pieced / Machine quilted
M123 Hand pieced / Machine quilted
M124 Machine pieced / Hand quilted
M125 Hand embroidered
M126 Machine embroidered
M127 Item quilted by Other
M128 Item quilted by Bee
M129 Vintage quilt, finished this fair year
M130 Quilt made from kit
M131 Original design
M132 Two-person quilt
M133 Group quilt
M134 Foundation pieced
M135 Other

CLASS 3 Crib Size Quilt
M141 Hand pieced / Hand Quilted
M142 Machine pieced / Machine quilted
M143 Hand pieced / Machine quilted
M144 Machine pieced / Hand quilted
M145 Hand embroidered
M146 Machine embroidered
M147 Item quilted by Other
M148 Item quilted by Bee
M149 Vintage quilt, finished this fair year
M150 Quilt made from kit
M151 Original design
M152 Two-person quilt
M153 Group quilt
M154 Foundation pieced
M155 Other

CLASS 4 Lap Size Quilt
M161 Hand pieced / Hand quilted
M162 Machine pieced / Machine quilted
M163 Hand pieced / Machine quilted
M164 Machine pieced, Hand quilted
M165 Hand embroidered
M166 Machine embroidered
M167 Item quilted by Other
M168 Item quilted by Bee
M169 Vintage quilt, finished this fair year
M170 Quilt made from kit
M171 Original design
M172 Two-person quilt
M173 Group quilt
M174 Foundation pieced
M175 Other

CLASS 5 Wall Quilt
M181 Hand pieced / Hand quilted
M182 Machine pieced / Machine quilted
M183 Hand pieced / Machine quilted
M184 Machine pieced / Hand quilted
M185 Hand embroidered
M186 Machine embroidered
M187 Item quilted by Other
M188 Item quilted by Bee
M189 Vintage quilt, finished this fair year
M190 Quilt made from kit
M191 Original design
M192 Two-person quilt
M193 Group quilt
M194 Foundation pieced
M195 Other



CLASS 1 Accessory Item
M201 Hand appliqued / Hand pieced / Hand quilted
M202 Machine appliqued / Machine pieced / Machine quilted
M203 Hand appliqued / Hand pieced / Machine quilted
M204 Machine appliqued / Machine pieced / Hand quilted
M205 Hand embroidered
M206 Machine embroidered
M207 Item quilted by Other
M208 Item quilted by Bee
M209 Vintage quilt, finished this fair year
M210 Quilt made from a kit
M211 Original design
M212 Two-person quilt
M213 Group quilt
M214 Foundation pieced
M215 Other

CLASS 2 Bed Size Quilt
M221 Hand appliquéd / Hand pieced / Hand quilted
M222 Machine appliquéd / Machine pieced / Machine quilted
M223 Hand appliquéd / Hand Pieced / Machine quilted
M224 Machine appliquéd / Machine pieced / Hand quilted
M225 Hand embroidered
M226 Machine embroidered
M227 Item quilted by Other
M228 Item quilted by Bee
M229 Vintage quilt, finished this fair year
M230 Quilt made from kit
M231 Original design
M232 Two-person quilt
M233 Group quilt
M234 Foundation pieced
M235 Other

CLASS 3 Crib Size Quilt
M241 Hand appliquéd / Hand pieced / Hand quilted
M242 Machine appliquéd / Machine pieced / Machine  quilted
M243 Hand appliquéd / Hand pieced / Machine quilted
M244 Machine appliquéd / Machine pieced / Hand quilted
M245 Hand embroidered
M246 Machine embroidered
M247 Item quilted by Other
M248 Item quilted by Bee
M249 Vintage quilt, finished this fair year
M250 Quilt made from kit
M251 Original design
M252 Two-person quilt
M253 Group quilt
M254 Foundation pieced
M255 Other

CLASS 4 Lap Size Quilt
M261 Hand appliqued / Hand pieced / Hand quilted
M262 Machine appliqued / Machine pieced / Machine quilted
M263 Hand appliqued / Hand Pieced / Machine quilted
M264 Machine appliqued / Machine pieced / Hand quilted
M265 Hand embroidered
M266 Machine embroidered
M267 Item quilted by Other
M268 Item quilted by Bee
M269 Vintage quilt, finished this fair year
M270 Quilt made from kit
M271 Original design
M272 Two-person quilt
M273 Group quilt
M274 Foundation pieced
M275 Other

CLASS 5 Wall Quilt
M281 Hand appliqued / Hand pieced / hand quilted
M282 Machine Appliqued/ Machine pieced / Machine quilted
M283 Hand appliqued / Hand pieced / Machine quilted
M284 Machine appliqued / Machine pieced / Hand quilted
M285 Hand embroidered
M286 Machine embroidered
M287 Item quilted by Other
M288 Item quilted by Bee
M289 Vintage quilt, finished this fair year
M290 Quilt made from kit
M291 Original design
M292 Two-person quilt
M293 Group quilt
M294 Foundation pieced
M295 Hand Appliqued/Machine Pieced/Machine Quilted
M296 Other

CLASS 1 Tied Quilts
M301 Accessory item
M302 Bed size quilt
M303 Crib size quilt
M304 Lap size quilt
M305 Other

CLASS 2 Rag Quilts
M311 Accessory item
M312 Bed size quilt
M313 Crib size quilt
M314 Lap size quilt
M315 Other

CLASS 3 Miniature Quilts
M321 Appliqued
M322 Pieced
M323 Combination appliqued & pieced
M324 Foundation pieced
M325 Other

CLASS 4 Mommy & Me
M331 Appliqued
M332 Pieced
M333 Combination appliqued & pieced
M334 Foundation pieced
M335 Other

CLASS 5 Art Quilts
M341 Appliqued
M342 Pieced
M343 Combination appliqued & pieced
M344 Foundation pieced
M345 Embellished
M346 Other

CLASS 6 Crazy Quilts
M351 Appliqued
M352 Pieced
M353 Combination appliquéd & pieced
M354 Foundation pieced
M355 Embellished

CLASS 7 Yo-yo Quilts
M361 Accessory item
M362 Bed size quilt
M363 Crib size quilt
M364 Lap size quilt
M365 Other

CLASS 8 Unquilted Tops
M371 Accessory item
M372 Bed size quilt
M373 Crib size quilt
M374 Lap size quilt
M375 Other

CLASS 9 Cathedral Windows
M381 Accessory item
M382 Bed size quilt
M383 Crib size quilt
M384 Lap size quilt
M385 Other

Superintendents: Linda Long, Kami Long, Susie Crowner, Glenda Luark

Age Groups: Junior/Teen, Adult, Adult Plus, Senior, Senior Plus, Pro
2 entries/numbered category

Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion
ribbons may be awarded in each division and age category. Classes may include all varieties of a vegetable. New classes will be created to accommodate three or more of the same item entered under miscellaneous.

Display Rules/Regulations: All exhibitors must furnish a paper plate HEAVY ENOUGH to hold the vegetables or fruits being displayed firmly.
Each crop display must be in a zip-lock type bag. Check with Superintendents if crop is too large for bagging.
Each exhibit must be of the proper size, number, or weight as listed for the various classes, or be disqualified. PLEASE BRING INSECT-FREE PRODUCE.

Special Crops Award: Outstanding Youth, Adult, Senior Open Class exhibitors earning the most combined points in the fruit and vegetable divisions are awarded gifts by the Crops Superintendents. Points are earned for Grand Champion (7), Reserve Grand Champion (6), Champion (5), Reserve Champion (4), and Blue (3).

Angelo Iacovetto “Best Garlic Award”: All open class exhibitors with a garlic entry are eligible. The judges choice will determine the BEST GARLIC!

CLASS 1 - Berries (display one pint on a plate and bagged)
J001 FB-currants, red/white, 1 pint
J002 FB-gooseberries, 1 pint
J003 FB-huckleberries, 1 pint
J004 FB-raspberries, 1 pint
J005 FB-service, 1 pint
J006 FB-strawberries, 1 pint
J007 FB-chokecherry, 1 pint

CLASS 2 - Apples
J011 FA-crabapples, plate of 6
J012 FA-fall apples, plate of 4
J013 FA-summer apples, plate of 4
J014 FA-open

CLASS 3 - Miscellaneous
J015 FM-cantaloupe, 1whole
J016 FM-fruit pears, plate of 4
J017 FM-plums, plate of 6
J018 FM-rhubarb, 12 pieces
J019 FM-watermelon, 1 whole
J020 FM-oddities
J021 FM-other fruits
J022 FM-pie cherries 1 pint
J023 FM-apricots plate of 6
J024 FM-open
CLASS 1 - Herbs & Seasonings (must be live, not dried plants or leaves)
J025 HS-cilantro
J026 HS-dill, 1 mature head
J027 HS-ginger root, 1 tuber
J028 HS-chive, 6 stems
J029 HS-basil, 1 stem
J030 HS-oregano, 1 stem
J031 HS-parsley, 1 stem
J032 HS-rosemary 1 stem
J033 HS-mint (peppermint/spearmint) 1 stem
J034 HS-specialty, mints (choc, lemon, pineapple, etc.) 1 stem
J035 HS-sage 1 stem
J036 HS-tarragon 1 stem
J037 HS-lemon balm 1 stem
J038 HS-thyme 1 stem
J039 HS-other 1 stem
J040 HS-open 1 stem

CLASS 2 - Leafy Crops (enclosed for better displaying)
J041 LC-broccoli, 1 large bunch
J042 LC-brussels sprouts, 6 heads
J043 LC-cauliflower, 1 head
J044 LC-celery, 1 stalk
J045 LC-chinese cabbage, 1 head
J046 LC-green cabbage, 1 head
J047 LC-red cabbage, 1 head
J048 LC-head lettuce, 1 head
J049 LC-green leaf lettuce, 6 leaves
J050 LC-red leaf lettuce, 6 leaves
J051 LC-Romaine lettuce, 1 head
J052 LC-red kale, head or 6 leaves
J053 LC-white/green kale,head or 12 leaves
J054 LC-spinach, 6 leaves
J055 LC-Swiss chard, 6 leaves
J056 LC-heaviest cabbage
J057 LC-open

CLASS 1 - Onions (display amount indicated on a plate and bagged)
J061 O-garlic, plate of 3
J062 O-green, plate of 6 (6-inch tops)
J063 O-red, plate of 4
J064 O-white, plate of 4
J065 O-yellow, plate of 4
J066 O-leeks, plate of 4 (3-inch tops)
J067 O-pearl, plate of 6
J068 O-shallots, plate of 6
J069 O-open

CLASS 2 - Other Vegetables (display amount indicated on a plate and bagged)
J071 OV-bell peppers, plate of 3
J072 OV-sweet or mild peppers, plate of 3
J073 OV-hot chili peppers, jalapeno, plate of 3
J074 OV-hot chili peppers, banana, plate of 3
J075 OV-eggplant, plate of 1
J076 OV-okra, plate of 3
J077 OV-sweet corn, 4 ears husked
J078 OV-sunflower, 1 mature head
J079 OV-vegetable oddities
J080 OV-other vegetable
J081 OV-open

CLASS 3 - Pod Vegetables (display 1/2 pound)
J086 PV-dry shelled beans
J087 PV-fava beans
J088 PV-green beans
J089 PV-wax beans
J090 PV-purple or speckled beans
J091 PV-peas
J092 PV-snow peas
J093 PV-sugar peas
J094 PV-other
J095 PV-open

CLASS 1 - Potatoes (display amount indicated on a plate and bagged)
J101 P-largest quality potato, plate of 1
J102 P-red potato, plate of 4
J103 P-white potato, plate of 4
J104 P-russet potato, plate of 4
J105 P-sweet potato, plate of 4
J106 P-other potato, plate of 4
J107 P-open potato, plate of 4

CLASS 2 - Root & Tuber Crops (display amount indicated on a plate) crops; must be dirt-free and have 2-3-inch tops
J111 RT-beets, plate of 4
J112 RT-carrots, plate of 4
J113 RT-parsnips, plate of 4
J114 RT-radishes, plate of 4
J115 RT-rutabagas, plate of 4
J116 RT-turnips, plate of 4
J117 RT-kohlrabi, plate of 4
J118 RT-open

CLASS 3 - Squash (one per plate unless otherwise noted)
J121 S-acorn
J122 S-banana
J123 S-buttercup or turban
J124 S-butternut
J125 S-gourds, 3
J126 S-hubbard
J127 S-pumpkin
J128 S-scalloped
J129 S-spaghetti
J130 S-yellow summer
J131 S-zucchini 8-inch
J132 S-zucchini, baking more than 8-inches
J133 S-other summer
J134 S-other winter
J135 S-heaviest zucchini

CLASS 4 - Vine Crops (bagged plate of 4 unless otherwise noted) Ripe tomatoes must have stems removed; green tomatoes must have stems attached.
J141 V-cucumbers, slicing 6-inches plus
J142 V-cucumbers, pickling 4-inches
J143 V-cherry tomatoes (plate of 6)
J144 V-green tomatoes, slicing
J145 V-ripe tomatoes, slicing
J146 V-pear shaped tomatoes
J147 V-husk tomatoes
J148 V-green cherry tomato (plate of 6)
J149 V-Miscellaneous vegetable creation


Sponsor: B&K Distributing
Superintendent: Patrick & Tammie Delaney
Friday, August 17, 6pm, Exhibit Hall

The homemade wine and beer tasting, long a local favorite, will award Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion ribbons in each division. Competitors (who may enter more than one item per numbered category provided they are different flavors) are asked to bring one or two bottles for each entry.




NEW IN 2018! The BREWERS CHOICE AWARD- Yampa Valley Brewing Company brewers will judge the top entries in all qualifying categories (designated as: YVBC eligible) and present the Brewers Choice Award. The winning entry will be brewed by Yampa Valley Brewing Company as next year’s Routt County Fair Beer.


N001 Wine-red grapes & rose
N002 Wine-white grapes
N003 Wine-vegetable
N004 Wine-flowers
N005 Wine-dessert & sherry
N006 Wine-apple
N007 Wine-plum
N008 Wine-cherry
N009 Wine-other fruit
N010 Wine-strawberry
N011 Wine-raspberry
N012 Wine-chokecherry
N013 Wine-serviceberry
N014 Wine-other
N015 Wine-other (dessert, spiced, herbs, honey, fruits, etc.)

*N20 Light Lager (American light lager, Munich Helles, German Pilsner, American
Pilsner) YVBC eligible
*N21 Amber/Dark Lager (American Dark Lager, Munich Dunkel, Schwarzbier) YVBC eligible
*N22 English and Scottish Ales (Mild, Bitter, ESB, Scottish Light, Scottish Heavy, Scottish Export) YVBC eligible
N23 English/Scottish/American Strong Ales (Strong Scotch Ale, Russian Imperial Stout, English Old Ale, English Barleywine, American Barleywine)
N24 English/Scottish/American Dark Ales (Porter, Robust Porter, Baltic Porter, Stout, Oatmeal Stout, American Stout)
*N25 American Ales (Cream Ale, Blonde Ale, Pale Ale, Amber Ale, Brown Ale) YVBC eligible
N26 India Pale Ale (American IPA, English IPA, Double IPA)
*N27 Wheat Beers (German Wheat, American Wheat, Kolsch, Roggenbier) YVBC eligible
*N28 Belgian Ales (Witbier, Saison, Belgian Sour, Belgian Strong, Belgian Specialty) YVBC eligible
N29 Fruit/Spice/Specialty Beers (Fruit Beer, Spice Beers, Vegetable Beers, Smoke Beers, Wood-aged Beers, and any beer not fitting into the above categories)

N040 Liqueurs
N041 Root beer
N042 Soda pop

Superintendents: Barbara Cannizzo, Don Sperry

Age Groups: Junior, Teen, Adult, Adult Plus, Senior, Senior Plus, Pro
2 entries/numbered category

Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion ribbons may be awarded in each division and age category.

CLASS 1 Lathe Worked Project
K001 Table Large (dining, patio, etc.)
K002 Table Small (end, child, etc.)
K003 Table with drawer (end, nightstand, etc.)
K004 Dresser with drawers
K005 Bookcase/cabinet (no doors)
K006 Chair (house, patio, child, etc.)
K007 Small home furnishing
K008 Decorative Item
K009 Other

CLASS 2 No Lathe Work
K010 Table Large (dining, patio, etc.)
K011 Table Small (end, child, etc.)
K012 Table with drawer (end, nightstand, etc.)
K013 Dresser with drawers
K014 Bookcase/cabinet (no doors)
K015 Chair (house, patio, child, etc.)
K016 Small home furnishing
K017 Decorative Item
K018 Other

CLASS 3 Refinished
K020 Large Piece
K021 Small Piece
K022 Other

K030 Carving Large
K031 Carving Small
K032 Decorative Box
K033 Instrument
K034 Scroll Saw Work
K035 Walking Stick
K036 Woodburning
K037 Other

K040 Pinewood Derby
K041 Toy
K042 Item made from KIT
K043 Item NOT made from KIT
K044 Other


Superintendent: Linda Long

Fleeces may be entered at the Exhibit Hall on Wednesday, August 15 between 1-8 pm and will be judged on Friday, August 17. Wet or untied fleeces will not be judged. Both fleece and the bag must be marked with the exhibitor’s name, breed of sheep, sex and registration number if registered. Fleeces meriting further competition can be entered in the National Western Stock Show’s Wool Show. Clear or black plastic bag accepted. Fleeces entered in the Junior Wool must be shorn from ewes owned by the exhibitor and comply with the rules of the Open Wool Show. Number and type of entries will determine classes. Classes may be further divided as entries warrant.

L011 Open/Junior Class Farm Flock Fleeces (less than 600 head. Fleeces must be from ewes shorn in Routt County)
L021 Open/Junior Class Breed Fleeces
L031 Open/Junior
L040 Specialty Fleeces/Hair